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Heather Gweneth Bird

Uplifting bodies, minds, hearts & spirits


Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation, Breath-work and Intuitive coaching to shift things for the better...

** Cancellation policy for Yoga and Trail running retreats is in review due to the Covid-19 outbreak.  We will not be cancelling any courses, although postponement may be inevitable. **


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About Heather

I studied Physiology (the systems in our body) and was awarded a first class degree from the University of Edinburgh and worked in the clinical research world for over a decade, helping to bring novel treatments in oncology, cardiology, rare genetic indications amongst others to market, I knew we were missing something with our Western approach to medicine.   Further studies in Yoga, Qi Gong, Reiki, nutrition and the mind-body connection have reinforced message for me.


Having left my role as Director, Global Operations, I trained with top-UK life-coach Dawn Breslin in her Harmonizing Life Alignment process, demonstrated to increase confidence and tackle issues such as burn-out, stress management, anxious and depressive mood and fulfilling life goals.


I combine yoga and qi gong with coaching processes and other life-force energy tools to bring further balance, zest and joy into the lives of my clients, running classes, private sessions, workshops, day long and extended retreats throughout Scotland collaborating with other great teachers and outdoors enthusiasts.

I have been practising yoga for 11 years in Seattle, USA and the UK and have led sessions on both sides of the Atlantic completing teacher trainer qualification with the Classical Yoga School. 


I started yoga to improve my core strength, benefit my squash game, help with aches and pains from running/desk job and to de-stress while working in the fast paced pharma industry... and it's done much more than just all that, I am now a daily yoga addict - it is my medicine!  I practice Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow, Hatha and Yin style yoga and will bring those influences to our classes depending on the group for improved flexibility, increased strength, tone and mental/emotional wellbeing.  


I hope to see you soon ! Drop me a message below if you have any questions. 

Namaste, Heather



'So lovely to spend such a special weekend with a cool bunch of strong, intelligent and focused women, taking on the world in all sorts of ways.  I hope our paths cross at some point in the future, and that we can all enjoy some sort of 'retreat legacy' over the coming days, weeks (and possibly months!)  Massive thanks to Heather for your skill in teaching, as well as your insight during the one-to-ones. Each of the sessions in the studio and the tipi felt just right for me at each point in the weekend.  Hope to retreat with you again next year.'

'I LOVED this retreat at the beautiful Dell of Abernethy in the Cairngorms last year and am going again this October.  Hosted by amazing and inspiring teachers, and the best accomodation and food, I came away feeling better about myself and more hopeful for my mental, physical and spiritual health than I have for a long time.'  Lindsay Finnie

'Just home from the most amazing trail running / yoga retreat. Feel absolutely blissed out. There is nothing that could have been better about the retreat. Beautiful surroundings with soul-nourishing food; lots of new experiences; Heather’s wonderful yoga, Qi Gong, Reiki and encouragement; inspiring company. Thank you Heather - very highly recommended.'  Louise McLaren

'Attended Heather and Lindsay’s amazing weekend yoga and biking retreat at The Dell of Abernethy this weekend and it was a truly inspiring experience! Fantastic teachers and a superbly organised weekend in a breathtaking setting. I did not want it to end! Thank you so much 😊'. Tanya Paxman.

'Thanks  for a wonderful weekend, Heather.  I've only praise to give you all.  (The retreat) really inspired me - I'm literally just back from a run and am managing a bit of yoga each morning.  My favourite bits were yoga in the tipi and the fire pit, that was amazing.  I love getting out on the longer run too.  I was so inspired by Polly's food, I've gone and ordered those cook books.  Thanks again.' Cerian Baldwin.

'Thanks again Heather for the first session this afternoon, I enjoyed enjoyed the experience and for some reason I was singing along with the radio on my car journey home!  Not done that in a while 😊.  Looking forward to further exploring the benefits of yoga and your sessions.'  G Lindsay, Managing Director at Hansel Charity.

'Thanks Heather, our session makes me feel like I can trust myself and things will be ok, so encouraging!  Keep doing what you are doing, I am sure you will help many people.'  Lorna Russell.

'Starting with small things like keeping a daily gratitude journal and imagining certain feelings, to then more “soul searching” activities such as looking into mirrors (gosh that was an emotive session) to creating vision boards.  One thing led to another and I found myself hooked on yoga and pranayama breathing exercises. The course led to a total lifestyle transformation for me and subsequently I notice that my productivity, focus and motivation during office hours have also significantly improved.

- Leigh Fell.


'After asking for help and advice regarding severe back pain I had the pleasure of my first ever yoga session on Friday, tailored especially for my condition. I was guided with gentle exercises and breathing technique and returned home with my mind and body feeling relaxed and in a place of much needed peacefulness. Many thanks Heather.' - Hazel Cooper.

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