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Our Resonance Retreats

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Liz Doherty

'To sum up your retreat in words: It was transcendent, alchemical, transformative, awakening, insightful, spiritual and magic . It helped me see clearly again, with the eyes of the soul, like windscreen wipers it cleared the vision and the road ahead has appeared more vividly again. Aside from the magic of the power points it provided new vistas which the soul craves outside of the 'on grid' grind.

Retreats are essential for the soul I say. E S S E N T I A L!! Loved the drumming, loved the yoga, loved Charlotte [our story-teller] loved the walks, loved the food, loved [the island]. 

Thank you for holding the space. It is not an easy task and your gentle but strong and wise non-invasive presence allows for people to have their own experience.’

Liz, Therapist & Holistic Dance Leader

Angie Cusack

'I felt a deep sense of restoration and improved confidence in myself over the weekend.  I was beginning to hardly go out and not really wanting to meet people. But as I chatted to so many kind and inspiring people over the weekend, I realised that I had something to offer and felt uplifted in my spirit.  The physical activities gave me a huge sense of achievement and I now feel I can be the healthy, fit person I used to be.  This restored self-belief is amazing, I love it!

I was trying to pinpoint specific moments when the ‘good vibes’ came about but, for me, I don’t think it was eureka moments. It was just the ongoing building of relationships over a few days after we had walked and talked and danced and eaten together and, dare I say it…… climbed!! (And cried and hugged!) It was the overall sense of togetherness and heartfelt understanding.  To be honest, I’m still trying to take it all in!  That’s all I can put in to words at the moment. So thank you again and to all who contributed in the workshops. The experience has really helped me.'

Angie, Physio & Yoga Teacher

Emma Campbell-Giering

‘Wow, what can I say about the retreat?  I absolutely loved being in the company of so many amazingly talented, caring and knowledgeable people!  The retreat for me gave me insights into what we could potentially help to deliver and expand here for our patients and staff alike.  There are a few avenues I would love to explore. 


But for me personally, I felt so emotional but in a really good way.  I learned ways on how to better help stress in my job, especially through writing!   It gave me the insight to get back to things that I know helps keep my mental health good, like Yoga.  The Nia dancing was such fun too, great instructor with the wicked Irish wit!  I just loved the connections & interactions with everyone.  It was really well organised without the feeling of rigid structure, it just flowed really well.  I would highly recommend anyone to attend further retreats run by you.'

Emma, Paramedic

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