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For the Writers, Rebels, Innovators, Messengers seeking to mobilize positive change in their lives and the wider world.  Find more ease, grace, connection and freedom: a resonance revolution.  
Reliable Resources and Supportive, Inspiring Community.


'Saorsa', means 'Liberty, Freedom' in Scots Gaelic.  This program equips you with therapeutic tools, resources, insight and community, to move beyond fears and enact your own heart-led, creative inspiration and innovation within the world. I help clients over-come burnout, recover from catalytic relationship experiences, narcissistic paradigms, family and financial challenges, move beyond these and bring the change they desire.  All such experiences can take a toll on our emotional balance, confidence and self esteem. Sessions incorporate the healing connection with nature to help you find sanctity, inspiration and empowerment on your path. Saorsa is designed to help you:

• Anchor Equilibrium: Come Home to Yourself
​• Elevate and Relate: Master Emotions and Relating
​• Awaken Aspirations: Harnessing Life Force
​• Access Insight: Illuminations
​• Authentic Action: Our World Needs The Real You
​• The Resonance Revolution
​• Saorsa & Success


Saorsa - Online Course

£75.00 Regular Price
£37.50Sale Price
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