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Clan Kula 
for the Luminaries

Clan Kula, is a collective of heart-awakened leaders, proceeding with authentic aspirations reconnected to their actualised self as a luminary, emitting light within their sphere.

In joining Clan Kula you will access a 6-step transformational pathway 'The Voyage', designed to:

* Anchor Equilibrium

* Master Emotions and Relating

* Awaken Inner Artistry

* Access Insight

* Act with Authenticity

* Return to Source Connection

Accessing the intelligence of our heart and stepping out true to such, requires our balanced state and a degree of emotional mastery allowing us to be ‘well’ enough in body and mind to tap into the ‘wellspring’ of our creative nature. From here we can courageously act in support of our innate creative natures walking toward our authentic aspirations in constant connection with the ‘source’ of our heart’s intelligence.  Through this process our collective flourishing bursts forth as we connect with one another bringing shifts of consciousness that have the power and potential to dispel dis-ease and re-create heaven on earth.

To join Clan Kula purchase the 6-step programme voyage or come along to one of our Resonance Retreats in Scotland

Clan Kula provides:

* A private virtual community that provides a safe space to connect with other Luminaries from around the world.

* Immediate access to our library with pre-recorded content and tools for your embodied, intuitive personal development and voyage of discovery toward eminence.

* A live, interactive teaching virtual workshop each month with Heather or other cutting-edge teachers and Luminaries.

Heather has spent her career studying the body and mind working within the Pharmaceutical Industry in the USA and UK and then having undergone her own personal transformation and further studies, changed paths commencing her own retreats and designing: 'The Voyage'.  Heather has worked with Health Care Providers, Charity and Company Directors across Scotland including ClinTec, CanRehab, Caritas Neuro Solutions and Heather Lodge to implement new research pathways and community health initiatives that truly serve others and transform lives as intended from the heart.

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