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22.2.24 to 28.2.24

Coming March 2023! Retreat to the SEYCHELLES archipelago in the Indian Ocean

Indulge your senses in the ultimate tropical haven and experience a dreamlike escape like never before. Welcome to our exclusive Seychelles Retreat, where lush landscapes, turquoise waters, and pristine beaches converge to create an unforgettable oasis of serenity.

Mahé Retreat Itinerary ~ Seychelles


Arrivals, Welcome, Beach, Yoga, Dinner


Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Breakfast, Excursion - guided nature hike to Morne Blanche 800m peak (228m elevation gain, 4.2K) then Beau Vallon beach visit & swim.

Creole Cuisine, Story Telling, Music


Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Breakfast,

Excursion - guided nature hike to Anse Major beach (2K) for sea swim & lunch, and hike back.



Yoga, Pranayama, Medicine Wheel, Breakfast,

Excursion - Boat Trip to Island Archipegalo including Reef Snorkeling, Turtle Sanctuary on Moyenne Island, Beach BBQ & Return, Free Time


Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Breakfast,

Free Time to explore the island includes rental car for groups of 4

Meet at Restaurant Del Place, Port Glaud for Final Dinner at 6pm


Yoga, Pranayama, Vision Quest, Breakfast,

Free to Explore: Saorsa!


£1099 shared room

£1333 private room

Discounts available! If you have attended a previous Resonance Retreat or are signed up to our Clan Kula community

£1199 shared room

£1444 private room


- 5 nights' accommodation Treasure Cove, Mahé, Seychelles & airport pick-up

- All delicious meals (5 breakfasts, 5 dinners) includes Italian, Seychellois and Creole Cuisine


- Outdoor guide for excursions

- Shared rental car for final day incl. return to airport

- Sea View Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation Sessions & take home 'Saorsa' Personal Development and Discovery manual 

**Not included: flights, insurance

Poetry Inspired by the Seychelles:

Translucent turquoise waters,

Rolling in from some distant swell,

The light dancing atop metallic sheen,

As the sky shifts in peaches hinting of

A bright dawn to break.

The sea does not grow tired

As dusk ushers in the whispers of darkness,

She motions beholden to the heavens still,

Their gusting breath upon her skin.

Island oasis in the vast unending blue,

Rises up with cliffs of stark stone,

And trees with trunks and roots,

That could be confused for men,

Resting upon the hot earth and watching.

The trees watch me here,

They know I’m not a native species.

The giant fruit bats may have told them,

As they whirl and wheel above my head.

I hear their screech and,

I muse upon the mammal with wings.

They taunt me, almost.

They know I’ve been drawn through the ages

From ancestors who sail with white billowing sheets,

Thousands upon thousands of miles from where they hail.

Adventure, a richness within their veins,

Kept alive in my own warm and wanting blood.

Spices and tobacco, all fruits of this earth

The bats are laughing again, knowing we’re just like them,

Yet most have forgotten how to soar,

Since those days we fell.

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