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Re-edited in the spirit of ahimsa: I seek to cause nor bring no harm.


Saorsa is Scots Gaelic for freedom, liberty, or salvation: the process where we are rid of old, poor quality conditions, and become improved: together.

Using personal anecdotes and practices, Saorsa provides psycho-spiritual educational resources and channellings that can be used to help turn heartache and instability through insight into more care, wisdom and future success.

Author Heather Gweneth Bird details seven steps utilising yoga or somatic therapy, self-inquiry, and reflective techniques, that are helpful for bringing ourselves back into balance following tumultuous life-events. And the book provides a map on how to use such crisis points or challenges as fuel for growth, creativity, and individuation.

As we move through this process collectively, positive cultural transformation can occur toward sovereignty, liberation and lighter ways of being.

Saorsa (paperback): A Voyage of Personal Development and Discovery


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