• Heather

Winter Wisdom for Women

Women of the world, do you feel trapped? I predominantly work with women, however this may apply to the men of the world too. I have just returned from spending a long weekend with 8 passionate, creative, loving and inspiring women. I was in awe of their driving force, their energy, their love and their voices all echoing a deep desire for progressive change in the world. And yet, I know that these passions, desires, voices can feel so hemmed in at times by the necessity to fulfil obligations, by fears of change and fighting words within and without that sometimes hinder the fullness of expressing how we feel, what we wish to see in the world, and the steps to take to move in that direction.

As the retreat came to an end and I returned home, I had two dreams, both illuminating 'old paradigm' or the more negative aspects of 'feminine energy'. Venus moved into Scorpio. The first - critical, controlling, shaming and the second - sexually taunting, manipulative, luring in moths to a flame. Our paradigm is changing as we choose to let go of these behaviours through our shared consciousness, even if at first, we may feel blindfolded, unsure of our way.

Women, grab hold of your creative life force and walk forward. You are powerful, you are a force. Walk forward and away from succubus energy drawing on our essence, walk away from pouring time toward systems, jobs, relationships that do not light you up. Walk forward and away from fears inside your head, heart and stomach that only make you feel trapped, you are not trapped. And any forces of apparent control are no matches for your innate worth, be they family, jobs, governmental regulation, spouses, partners, bosses or even children and 'roles' we've been told we must play. Do know that we were misled through past centuries and decades to renounce this power. But now it is offered to you to reclaim. We are the earth-keepers and although it may feel that support is lacking from the structures, the systems and even relationships surrounding us, we must be brave, bold and step forward guided by a higher driving force of consciousness, even if our hearts are breaking... especially if our hearts are breaking.

We can create the new. We can uplift our world. We can ensure the abundant world we live in is cherished and the connection and fulfilment from this role as 'mother/lover' of the earth is upheld. We can progress forward and away from lower egoic, devilishly tempting and yet sickly ways of being and in standing firm with this resolve, we call in the cavalry, the support will follow... in the name of love.

The journey to birth a new reality starts from within as we recognise our divine worth, to live in a world free from traumas, abuses of the land, her peoples and creatures. By clearing illusions of safety and powerlessness, our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds spiral out and encourage others to step forward as Earthkeepers, cutting away corruption, slavery, greed and shadows from our world.

As winter begins to draw us in, I encourage, reflect deeper on the changes you wish to see, you wish to make and take the decision to allow your driving passions to be expressed when the time is right, trust life as it guides your own journey of renewal. Create your own path through this deep connection and knowing that we and our descendants are worthy of living in a world where all beings live in peace, and where the rivers, oceans, land and air are clean. Dream big ! And release fears as you uncover the truth whilst you delve deeper to find the guiding light within.

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