• Heather

The Pegasus Antidote: Freedom Begins Within

When was the last time, the skies were so blue, the sun so warm for so many days… in April! Thank you, global corona/chrysalis healing process, you seem to have altered our prominent Ayrshire April weather patterns, at least. I commented at the beginning of this ‘out-break’ that the viral attack circulating, from a higher perspective, was primarily upon our connection through our coronal plasmoid light bodies that surround our physical form known in yogic wisdom and the mystery school teachings as our astral body of existence. As we cycle through the ages, or yugas, some have said that our solar system and Earth have begun to enter a period of increasing intensity of light influx: higher frequency influences that impact upon our planet, our environments and of course our physical selves. Research has shown that links exist between ‘coronal’ mass ejections from the sun with our planet’s baseline frequency or heartbeat, the Schumann resonance and with our own physiological and circadian rhythms with physical symptoms at times presenting such as anxiety, headaches, a greater requirement for rest, high vibrational foods and pure hydration sources as our bodies adjust to a new frequency: so-called ‘ascension flu’.

The blue skies remind me of some anecdotes shared at a shamanic retreat I experienced last year, where shamans would rain-dance or sun-dance or even call in a storm and of course the weather would oblige in accordance with the prevailing collective human resonance. Perhaps through our interconnectivity: as our darkest fears of death, of poverty, of oppression are brought to the surface, brought into conscious awareness, brought to the light… they are dissipating as we return gradually to our original hue-man form and the blue skies follow suit. And as they do, the hourglass, the notion of time forms as a more malleable and fluid dimensional entity. As we continue to find higher footing from the recent bulldozing Plutonian influence on our Saturnian time/space and all it represents, it seems incredible that it was more than 4 weeks ago, the ‘lock-down’ began. Since then, the hours and days have blended into a cyclical continuum without the daily 9-5 grind or usual 9-3 school routines. Our rhythm and some assemblance of disciplined schedule remain important (as Ayurveda teaches) but without the hustle, the panic, the foray from never-ending unattainable deadlines we had all become accustomed to living by since perhaps the Industrial revolution, perhaps before. When we consider timing as fluid, cyclical, rhythmical and infinite, we step closer in understanding the immortal nature of our soul’s journey betwixt and betwain multi-dimensional life cycles. Only when we step out-with the cogs of the hamster wheel and find ourselves in a state of being, in resonance with our surrounding eclectic ecospheres, sinking deeper toward freedom through the coherence of our brain and heart wave patterning – can we reach the so-called ‘zero-point’ – the convergence zone where timelines align and we merge in communion with others and all that is on a similar higher vibrational experience in the here and now.

In meditation, I was led to understand that through the liminal time/space (accessible for example in a meditative state): codes, wisdom and love/light is transduced to our conscious understanding and physical expression: from cosmic to conscious. In deepening our dwelling with divinity, becoming aware of and embodying such codes/wisdom/love/light our reality can up-level, through practices and conscious (righteous) choices to augment and expand our light/astral bodies. In other words, manifestations toward our dreams, desires, freedom become more effortless, with pure intention behind them in these times. We can soar upon the wings of a silvery-white Pegasus, our spiritual freedom tamed and harnessed within the earthly plain.

Every choice point on our walk-through life acts as a vector with each decision setting us forth along a trajectory of expanding consciousness. There is no ‘right way’ to hone our soul-craft, only a chain of events set in motion to exalt our nature, more easily accomplished if we can grasp the deeper unfoldment of love.

If we are fortunate enough to recognise the reflection of our own energetic footprint in another through the mergence with a soul-mate, twin-flame, divine-counterpart, the dyadic interactive journey toward our embodiment of Pegasus’ winged radiance (or light-body expansion) is interwoven with the other. There is reciprocity of vectors and trajectories, as we make decisions that bring us closer or further away from our true nature and our alignment with source, so it is reflected within the dyad. When our radiance expands, attachments (which are not in the purity of love) more easily dissipate and the radii of the dyad is enhanced to overlap and entwine. Thomas Burgoyne writes in ‘The Light of Egypt’ on biune souls: ‘There is nothing impossible for reunited souls. They become King and Queen, co-equal and co-eternal rulers over all the elements in nature. Their will in the astral realm is law’. At the point of incarnation on earth, our ‘centre-point’ is chosen and aligned with source. T Burgoyne continues: ‘Each orbit of a celestial body is fixed within certain limits, as is man’s freedom of action, around which the zones of life are formed.’

And yet we cannot make the other, the object or the obsession of our traverse through Gaia’s realm. Our intention must be set upon our incarnation in divine wisdom and the fullness of creative expression of self. Through this, and in always realigning back with source/nature/love no matter how many triggers that can cause confusion for the soul-vector trajectory, our connection to source acts as a barometer for our ‘winged radiance’. May we harness our soul-craft and heal our coronal wounds on our walk through this life with the lights along the way.

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