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The Mandala

Updated: May 25, 2022

Each one of us has our own unique mandala signature. At the centre is our soul essence and our access to source. Then through layers of representation, the veils of our outer world transpire. On our 6-step voyage, we perceive all reality to stem from the inner realms, thus we can re-write the script and shift the outer resemblance toward beauty equal and in reflection of internal understandings. Through this process our collective flourishing bursts forth as we connect with one another bringing shifts of consciousness that have the power and potential to dispel dis-ease.

Accessing the intelligence of our heart and stepping out true to such, requires our balanced state and a degree of emotional mastery allowing us to be ‘well’ enough in body and mind to tap into the ‘wellspring’ of our creative nature. From here we can courageously act in support of our innate creative natures walking toward our authentic aspirations in constant connection with the ‘source’ of our heart’s intelligence. Our spiritual pathway is an inside job through the outer layers to the inner core as we unravel the symbols presenting through psychic impressions to uncover the mystery revealing the truth of our bright flame within, through our inner alchemical ‘marriage of the lamb’.

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