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The Healing Power of Trees

QHH Transmission facilitated by Raphaela Soul Sessions:

Trees are sentient beings. There is a misty light in the atmosphere, that is shimmering with a pink and lilac glow. The trees can interact with this light through their sentience and through their spirit. As we walk through this light, it shifts and shimmers and is part of us, but we can also direct this light. The trees work with this light. The trees are part of this light and they also heal the atmosphere with this light by clearing and cleansing the light as it passes through their vessels, reinstating purity. The trees have a vibrancy and a glowing light of spirit that flows through their branches and roots.This is how trees are on earth. We may not always see them as such, however this is the power that they hold.The colour in the atmosphere is a matter of perception. The trees have a colourful role to play by purifying and beautifying, reinstating love within our atmosphere. They also have a purifying impact upon our water and our earth.The trees have a healing role to play. This is the true nature of trees. This is their collective ability.They have such an intricate connection across the earth to purify the air, the water and the earth.We have the potential to connect with this energy of the trees through our sacral chakra to ‘transist’ the energy, to channel this. For the same healing process to occur within our bodies, the same process of purification through the light of spirit that flows through the trees, we can connect with this again and let it flow through our bodies and our minds and our state of being to be in resonance with that beautiful pure state. When we are looking to preserve our ‘true state’, our true state of being, it’s channelling the light of this energy. It will be necessary to teach people.

Our light bodies are also activated through this process, removing any density. The pure light of spirit can flow freely and dislodge density of matter, spirit samskaras/knots, density of any form. It’s like the dense energies within our bodies can be blasted away. Perhaps in a gentler manner. It has this power to infiltrate and disintegrate density. In order to connect with this energy, it’s as simple as sitting by a stream surrounded by trees. Tuning in, to bring awareness to the sacral and to the soles of our feet to become a channel for this true state of being to flow through our bodies. If we open to it, it’s available, using our intention and removing barriers around our minds that make us think this isn’t possible. To know this absolutely is possible as we are re-centring our knowing out of deliverance, as we are set free from the manifestations of darker influences causing oppression within one’s life. We need to be open to this process, believing and purifying our vessel so this energy can flow. There is a darker mist that can lift and clear as the darker clouds that have been veiling our reality, lift.

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