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The Excalibur

Most recently, I’ve been working with individuals moving through challenging relationship endings, or those experiencing chronic pain, chronic illness or mental health struggles. There are a host of surface level therapies, supplements or medications we can use as band-aids, but delving deep within our subconscious reveals certain patterns that can lead us to experience such difficult outcomes. These revelations, with psychic extraction, can be used as fuel to stitch anew, the tapestry reflective of the life we long to live.

I have a couple of last spaces for clients before Christmas if you or someone you know would like to hear more.


When I think back over the years, on some of the miracles I’ve witnessed in the lives of clients and friends, it seems that the combination of forgiveness, belief, self-worth and tenacity has a bit of a ring to it as a fitting formula to apply in life, especially when we find ourselves moving through times of hardship. Pregnancies when hope was lost, remarkable financial solutions that seemed to appear out of the blue, after the historic addiction of a parent was re-framed in terms of mental health struggles (and therefore the inherent worthiness of love and care of the inner child-self was realized). Monetary wind-falls in recognizing all that was sacrificed in service, where a less than certain-self would have accepted less than half. Family fluctuations easing out allowing the flow of love between grandparent or parent and child after long periods of disconnect. Some of the outcomes, I’ve seen transpire instantaneously, others have taken a few years. There is a sense of purity in resolution that connects these different anecdotes. The purity of unconditional love. Whatever the situation that can move an individual to experience and embody that essence, can hold the key. In unconditional love, attachment to outcomes are surrendered, we are vulnerable, we are raw, real, there is no pretense, judgements are released.

The Excalibur, the gift, is granted in service for a higher outcome and only the rightful King can receive the mighty Claymore from the Lady of The Lake. In other words, only through right action in following through on higher guidance, the memory of times long gone before when we inhabited higher frequencies, can the cosmos commandeer creative conclusions.

Through connecting with our higher consciousness, the truth of our life’s purpose is revealed, we actualize the genius through spiritualizing our past experiences, lessons, learnings. Embodying the ethereal. We wield our internal Excalibur.

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