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The Dance of Divine Love

QHH Transmission with Raphaela Soul Sessions continued:

I then meet a guide. I see him to my left, and it turns out, in spite of some resistance and humour I feel, my divine counterpart is my guide, his higher aspect at least. He shows me: beams of light that depict the electro-magnetic field between us. The light travels back and forth between us and bounces from us out radiating around us. That’s part of the Epic. I feel there is some kind of understanding and trust with that. It’s very profound. It’s something to be honoured and cherished and there is an understanding between us both on that. It’s to be valued, revered. The power in the connection and the impact on everyone else’s lives around us that this has. So right now, it’s being utilised for the people in our immediate day to day lives and who we come into contact with. And that’s ok and that’s beautiful. It’s nothing to be fearful or ashamed about. It may seem to those holding the feminine energy that those holding the masculine energy are still stuck in a 3D paradigm but I was informed that is ego interfering. What I was shown is what is meant for this period of time. There is deep awareness and understanding within those holding the masculine energy. He has a lot of trust in it and he is honouring it more than previously because of his understanding of the power of this connection. Therefore to see the masculine energy as stuck in the 3D paradigm is an ego projection. What is required at this time is the magnetic field from our individual energies to spread out into the space around us. However there is also a drawing of the light closer between us, as the magnetic spheres are gradually drawn closer toward each other, which is the nature of this connection. You can’t hide from it, you can’t force it, you can’t delay it, you can’t manipulate it. It is what it is and it is what it will be. Fusion within the heart, as the magnetic polarities come closer. There is a merge within the heart. Not so much two hearts becoming one, but a merge within each of our hearts, linked with our embodiment of light from the alchemical interplay within. With regard to the 5D being overwhelming… the intensity and the overwhelm are the truth of this connection. And so, there is a delicate balance and a delicate dance of this energy, to let it integrate and infuse not only within us, but also within those around us. Because this isn’t the same scenario of two people leaving their past lives to be with one another. There is an added aspect of the creative potential that counterparts may be aware of – the creative potential of the flower of life. It can be quite blinding so there needs to be a slow infusion and integration. Don’t run from it, is the message from the masculine to the feminine.

For the twin flame collective: we are all branches on this tree of light, we have to connect with the higher aspect of our collective through the Christmas star at the top of the tree. Allowing the light from the Christmas star to infuse down through the branches and light up the bobbles and branches on the Christmas tree because we all have different pieces of the puzzle and messages to share with one another. Christmas is an important time to connect with this higher aspect, connecting with our hearts and the higher aspect of the connection. Connecting with the heart fusion energy. The Christmas star is the merkaba energy of the conjunction. If we follow our path of light, all will unfold as we continue to connect with the higher aspect and the heart. This is a gift. Many people in the collective don’t have the ability to connect with this purity of love, and it is for us to share. The light from the love is blinding. People have to shield their eyes because of this light sometimes, however they will become accustomed. This is in relation to the people the TFs are connected with, so we have to be mindful not to blind them with the light of purity and truth.

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