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Image by Bjorn Snelders



The Bliss Body

Part of my motivation in launching The Summit is to help create the feeling of true vibrant health as part of a learning experience.  We learn best of all by embodying experience.  Research from previous retreats indicates that most of all, there is enjoyment from being considered as a whole, with all aspects (body, mind, soul) therapeutically

provided for:

‘All of the different components are important for different reasons, it needs all of the  stuff, because it is an immersive experience… it’s serving all these different levels of yourself.’

On retreat, we attend to the five Kosha’s in Yoga philosophy or ‘Layer’s of Existence’, said to be envelopes that

contain and surround our physical body:

The physical body (annamaya kosha) - through yoga, qi gong, time outdoors on the trails, wild- swimming or other water-sports and nourishment from delicious wholesome cooking, we feel

stronger, rosier and more vibrant.