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The Alchemy Of The Pheonix

Rising From The Ashes - Host Your Own Retreats

Thank you to my fellow phoenix's for joining the medicine wheel zoom yesterday. The message transmitted was loud and clear: there is group work to be done and hosts out there, ready to shine. Here below is the message:

The beauty of the medicine of the spiral of our lives is that, just like the seasons and just like the stars, there is the capacity within our cells and within our psyche to continually re-generate. In reviewing the past, and the lessons learned, gifts are granted to take forward into the unknown, into the new. As mothers of the earth, connection, support, wise and honest council can be offered without trying to change those to whom the aid is offered. Responsible for the contented self, in revisiting spaces or places thought to have been already outgrown. With thanks and grace, letting go of past hurts, and confidence knocks. Letting go of self-doubt and worrying what others might think. Letting go of under-valuing self, personal time and it’s reflection in abundance. Letting go of comparison and letting go of guilt.

Empathetic and intuitive nature is held within the physical form, yet can become burdened and clogged in the shoulders, the should-haves, through upheaval from leaving one life and starting another. Feeling disconnected, stuck in the headspace or rooted in tension to the spot afraid to face unknown days ahead. Nervousness within the heart-space and the belly when needs are not asserted: inner conflict from over-riding limits. Lack of strength in the spine when it comes to being vulnerable, hardening flow to guard and disguise shame. Clenching the jaw from overloaded thoughts and anxiety, suppressing what really wants to be said. Ruminating on heart ties and tugs from people, acquaintances, lands lived upon, homes had. Yet this is where wisdom lies, in letting in the light of the moon, the feminine, the yin: to seal and to soothe and to clear.

This wisdom is gifted to share and it can feel scary before stepping out to speak about what has been learnt, in order to so teach. Ideas evolving to encourage equality amongst young women. A love for the natural world and desire to protect her includes her younger inhabitants and their creative cycles. Helping to encourage creative enterprises that lead to more financial freedom, when harnessing the creative essence. This destiny can feel frightening, in thinking ‘maybe what’s calling me is being selfish by doing what is right for me, focusing on me.’ Yet perhaps the opposite is true - selfish in focusing on other people, worrying about other people. A focus on being more courageous, standing up for needs, beliefs, and what is within the locus of control, is stepping into selfhood. It’s easy to worry about others rather than turn inward and face the self, but this is what brings the strength to push forward, through layers of anxiety, guilt and doubt. Forward into leading groups for women, challenging elitist ways of being, making passion-projects more accessible. Pushing forward toward where the heart is. Finding the right balance between providing a living through creative exploits, adventures, excitements. Making full use of skills learned whilst also deriving benefit from such bold and daring feats. In doing so, helping to bring through creative insights for others working with groups and retreats across the grid points, across the globe.

A rebellion of abundant wild women, can you imagine the scene. It has begun. Finding where to start, finding a starting place to do this work to help level the playing field. Finding the inner rebel is the starting point to enable engaging with others. Reclaiming physical space for this inner-rebellion. Then, re-writing the narrative of geographical locations through creative expression and honoring the earth. These new beginnings bring feelings of freedom, lightness and a golden light as creativity is embraced, weaving together something beautiful to share. Feeling warrior like. All of a sudden with a little bit more focus on going forward, true to yourself and your beliefs. Whatever that might mean for you! The next qualification, leadership skill or setting up courses to get other people into your passion project, which will benefit them too. Hence, a step toward connection.

The Resonance Retreats support package has been launched to help you find more financial freedom whilst bringing light and inspiration to the world. See link in comments to hear more. What's included:

• Training - personal development & practical tools for budgeting, funding and collaborating

• Marketing support with bi-weekly posts on social media & email (partner network of ~5000+)

• Listing on bookyogaretreats. com/tripaneer. com

• Booking page @ www.resonance-retreats. scot

• Private community web-page for your retreat group @ www.resonance-retreats. scot

• Guest delivery of Saorsa: Yoga, Personal Development & Discovery (optional)

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