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The goal of karma yoga or yajna is liberation and spiritual wisdom. The fire of spiritual awareness burns to ashes even a great heap of karma; thus true knowledge is the greatest purifier of the soul.

The Bahagavad Gita, Eknath Easwaran

Sometimes spiritual awareness can come through dreamtime, and sometimes through the reflections of those we are blessed to journey with upon this earth.


She awoke within her dreamspace aware of her busy-ness, taking care of her duties and dalliances. Her commitment to her soft soul song, the only light to follow. A year before, dreams of the same soft soul song had been clamped down by grips of cold hard steel structures that shunted the shimmering spark of life within, out of the way.

Later, through that same year, dreams showed this had been a life-long learning. To block off her love and keep it hidden away under stairways. Shut down her true heart’s knowing and keep it out of the way, lest it cause offence. A generations strong strategy for assured survival. Yet the child in her had begun to stir, had begun to see with more clarity of vision. The young girl had begun to scream out: ‘Help me!!’. To the vapours and mirages within her imagination of her father and her brothers, who stood around chattering, not paying much attention. ‘I need you to help me!!’, she screamed out once more. Slow awareness dawning, that no-one was coming to the rescue. These traits, this strength of will, were hers to find within, to allow her journey to continue. To support the soft soul song. To build the opera house for the magic of the music to be heard. To honour this song above all else.

And so, acting in fairness, in kindness, in cooperation but most of all in pure truth of this soft soul song was no longer just an optional maybe. Her sovereignty was not placed into the hands of any other, not her family, not a spouse, not her daughter, not money, not material things, not a job, absolutely not the government and not even ‘He’ who was the muse for her heart and mind meanderings. The reclamation of resonance was her highest intention and not for selfish gain, rather, to create thy will, directed through a heart of pure intent. The energetic field of the enveloping cosmic egg had to be intact and in synchrony with the rhythm of the earth without discordant sutures and syphons.

Returning then, 12 months on. As she took care of dotting I’s and crossing T’s in dreamtime, it was heartening to glance across through portals of cosmic rays and see, or rather ‘feel’, ‘He’ on his parallel path mirroring the taking care of business. It reminded her of a time after they had returned from a trip together to foreign eastern lands of spices and samadhi, still heady from a week in each other’s company and a little disorientated at coming back down to earth with a bump. She had gazed across and her eyes met his, as they had circled their respective peoples, caring to questions, offering words and smiles of encouragement at either side of the open-plan space. Each dancing, entranced, spiralling as if in harmony, as if in reflection to the other. Whether the paths converged again in syntropy, was a matter of committing to the muse, to the music of that soft soul song.

'I will not die an unlived life' by Dawna Markova:

I will not die an unlived life

I will not live in fear

of falling or catching fire.

I choose to inhabit my days,

to allow my living to open me

to make me less afraid,

more accessible

to loosen my heart,

until it becomes a wing,

a torch, a promise.

I choose to risk my significance,

To live

so that which came to me as a seed

goes to the next as blossom

and that which came to me as blossom

goes on as fruit.

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