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Supernova Symphonies of Light

QHH Transmission facilitated by Raphaela Soul Sessions continued.

At this period in time, we are standing on a bridge over a canyon, over a chasm, we are on the arc between two formations of land, two continents, two realms, two hemispheres, two jigsaw puzzle pieces. By connecting with the energy of the orb of wisdom through our heart energy all wisdom can be accessed through the river-light of spirit, the eye of the all-knowing. As we continue to anchor this light of awareness into our sacral chakra, the light we have been anchoring can gain flight, gain wings as our light bodies are activated. There is a transformative experience occurring based on the wisdom we can access and draw down into the cosmic egg of creation. Our creative potential is expanding aligned with this wisdom. As we create with this light, it’s giving New Earth flight, we experience a greater sense of freedom and expansivity. These are the changes we are moving through. The merkaba power-points are being lit up with pulsating energy and the intensity is increasing.

Coming back to the jigsaw puzzle pieces. There was a chasm that existed that is being sealed up, being merged. There is a fusion occurring, before there was a chasm, now a fusion is occurring within the collective and within our being. Continental divides are fusing so there is no divide, through tendrils of light flowing through the ley lines of the earth. There is a healing occurring to the continental rifts and divides, to bring fusion. For individual humans: integrity of our energy centres. Sovereignty within our energy fields as we fully embody our energy fields without leaks. Integrity of our light bodies in what we expend our energy toward, has a knock-on impact, not of divide but of integration. You might think this would have the opposite effect and be seen as selfishness as people reclaim their own energy, however it’s the opposite, it’s people’s own sovereign divinity that is being reclaimed to move from continental divide to fusion. As you become the embodiment of your own light and activate the merkaba star there is a harmony sweeping, an expanding harmony from the merkabas being lit up across the planet, linked by light. They are all inter-linked in a fabric or web of merkabas. The sacral activation is a crucial aspect as we reclaim our creative energy, not mis-using our creative energy and not allowing ourselves to be mis-used for that energy. This is a key part of activating our own merkaba fields. Learning how to harness the cosmic egg. Holding it, delighting in it, revelling in it, being comfortable there. That is how this fusion occurs of the light matrix, the points of light across the earth. And then it’s just a ripple because these points touch everyone and everything across the earth, the key points and placements have been made. As we reach the 21st of December, be in your vortex, allow this light from heaven to flow down into your vortex. Cultivate this energy, grow and expand this energy so you are like a supernova symphony of light. It’s very powerful, I hear my daughter’s voice in my mind tell me: ‘It’s Epic’.

All of these scenes depict the torch, which is an embodiment of the higher self. It is a warmth. It is warm enveloping energy that is the connection to the flame and to the higher self. She does not need to struggle or writhe around in vain, fighting against what is and fighting against the truths from the higher self. These can take time to understand and then live. There is a process of understanding first and then living. We may understand but we may not know how to embody which is a more gradual process.

There are filaments of frequency that flow through our being and as we allow the filaments of light frequency of light to flow: there is flight. As we grow lighter, and free-er. This is an embodiment and a state of mind, of being, to feel from within. And knowing how to return to that state of being as things in life may come in to influence, remember how to get back to that free-er flowing state. Allow the filaments of frequency fragments to light up the body, the being, the spirit.

At this conjunction, sensitivity is ramping up and will be heightened, so for those more sensitive to energies surrounding them, purity of our environment is important. Spending time within pure environments in order to re-charge is necessary.

Our children are the ones to guide us. We as parents and carers play a role in helping our children balance their energy when they feel the overwhelm of their sensitivity. There needs to be an honouring and an understanding of their sensitivity, and assistance in creating a buffer for protection from lower density influences.

The continental fusion is connected with our inner alchemy, the dance of the feminine and masculine. There is an undeniable truth of the fusion within our heart spaces as with the fusion of the continents. This is just how things are unfolding. There is an undeniable merging that is happening that cannot be escaped from so there’s no need to thrash around and stamp our feet, there’s an undeniable drifting of continents toward each other to collide in fusion.

The light sweeping across our planet is causing a flowering which is causing the shadows and shadow figures to fall back, disintegrate and turn to dust. However, as the flower emerges, the darker influences fall down which is causing the chaos and the confusion. This is the flower of light emerging over the earth as Gaia moves through her birthing process.

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