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I had my drink spiked recently, in an environment that I trusted and that I thought would be ‘safe’. The experience sent me on a bit of a trip. Perhaps the spike happened because someone wanted to take advantage of me. Or perhaps it happened, because I had irritated someone through my beliefs, my opinions or because of a recent successful endeavor? Surely not, but anything’s possible. I’m still integrating the lessons from what happened. I questioned my judgements and I questioned those that I trusted. In wishing to pursue projects or talk about subjects out-with what may be considered ‘acceptable’, had I really provoked such an attack? It all seemed and still does seem quite bizarre since I endeavor to keep my intentions in line with peace, truth, acceptance, whilst I’m sure making a few human errors along my path of learning. I’m not sure what concoction was used but I noticed immediately feeling strange: dry mouth, rapid heart-rate, slurred speech and some blurred vision followed by other symptoms that thankfully did subside over time. I used some yoga techniques to regain some sense of balance and stopped drinking my soft drink, before quietly heading home. Some strange experiences continued following the initial spike, meant to intimidate? Or quieten me down? Or worse? Knowing the concoction triggered some anxiety and PTSD-like symptoms, I sought out somewhere safe to recover. The safest place I found after searching for a few days, was a mossy banking by some woodland, bare feet by the roots of a tree. It was only in nature I felt truly safe to breathe, to regain control of my senses and my inner compass. Unfortunately it wasn’t just me that was impacted since Keira witnessed my fragmented state of mind in the days to come, thankfully we are both ok now, with some help from our canine cuddles as always.

The intense experience, as they tend to do, has brought about a 360 life review process for me once more. I’ll share more in time. But for now, thanks to those who have my best interests at heart and if there are any that don’t, I send peace to your heart as well.

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