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So much to talk about...

Firstly, did you see the Northern Lights?? We were lucky enough to be sprinkled by this light show in my garden (no -filter, photo credit to my friend and awesome hair dresser/Reiki light worker, Priscilla Helie) The colours weren't quite so bright to the naked eye but the glow of the pillars above Goat Fell were clear... illuminating the peak we're aiming for at the up-coming Summit, of course.

Places where mountain peaks jut up from coastal crests have always drawn me in, lay-lines, dragon-lines, power-points. Where gathering with like-minds and pure intent is extra-potent, places that help us to remember: the way. To hear more about what we'll be sharing, listen up here:

We have an amazing group of adventurers heading up the hill together and even more coming along for the Saturday/Sunday workshops. Stay tuned for our updates from the event, video content from our workshops and more that you'll be able to access via this website. You can sign up for a one month free trial to access our updates and support our endeavors in the wider world here:

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