• Heather

She... continued.

When the wild woman faces herself in the mirror and reflected back are the diamond sparkles in the eyes of feisty friends, she remembers her magnificence... She remembers she is wild, fragrant and free, she is everything she chooses to be. Defying facets of mistrust bred down from darker days she is unafraid to walk embracing her true power and potential. Ingrained beliefs can be provoked by her audacity, curtains may twitch, eyes may dart from behind high walls of false protection, yet her path aligned with divine light coursing through her being is all the protection necessary.

She remembers... that divinity in human form and all that is real is experienced through intimacy and connection. Worlds are made, reformed and remoulded through the star light of lover’s dreams. As we integrate the impulse, the urges of the earth to elevate higher. In embodying the love you feel and allowing it’s force to fuel your creative passions forward, living life to it’s truest resonance in order to alchemically transform reality surrounding you. We can live as the genius. We can make whole, the hemispheres of our mind not to live in the logical mind alone but to balance with our intuitive gifts. The gift from the presence, the present, is where the flashes of genius arise, through the stillness when we’re not distracted by gifts, toys or numbing in material form. This is the power of the purest light of love, the cosmic fury and force burns away the brash and the bolshie, often times illuminating inconvenient truths we are asked to integrate. They can shake us, and make us want to hide but... the choice is ours.

In denying ourselves how we really feel, we cut off part of ourselves, we cut off our daemon (daemon originally referred to a guide from the spirit world) our guidance system and our connection to the mystery. In denying the heart’s knowing of our impulse and urge, we deny our fullest health and vitality. So much deadening sadness can be witnessed in the world and people around us as they carry the burdens of guilt, shame and hardened hearts from wounds un-yet healed all stemming from the fragmentation of soul-shine and where fragmentation exists, darker denser samskaras can take hold to continue looping downward spiralling thought patterns. To reclaim strength, the thought patterns can be unwoven, they are often tightly stitched within our psyche. Piece by piece they can be unravelled through ‘the work’ and as they are smoothed out and released, again the purifying force of heart-light awakening and ascension can seep in to heal the schisms, chasms and break the chains to lower realms of reality.

The ‘small’ self wants to keep us separate, clamped down, shrunken, dishevelled without route to recover. Yet there is a higher mind (again of genius) that sees the interconnected patterns playing out as we live our lives and understands it is through the push and pull of passions, the attraction and repulsion, through the energetic undertones written and projected out from our own blueprint, that the world we experience is created. Without trust in the process and life itself, the heart can feel blocked: instead imagine soaring on the back of a giant ‘Egron’ the eagle, fingers deep in warm feathers as you feel the power of being soft and swooping, dancing with the wind in peace and calm. Gliding through the sinister to embrace synastry: rewriting and releasing disarray, chaos and noise.

Love awaits, abounds, amends. The multifaceted, cosmic force that comes in many forms and breathes through our bodies and bones, asking us to flow freely through veiled galaxies into expansion, explosion, merging and connection. Sorrows are eased, mourning passes, pain is gone. We are lighter as we remember our magnificence through her sweet mystery... ❤️

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