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Shadow Integration - The Muddy Sheep

Last weekend, those from primary 4 and older in our wee village came together to vote for funding on a range of fun, creative and worth-while projects put forward from various local community groups. The money was donated from the production company of David Tennant’s most recent channel 4 drama much of which was filmed in Dunlop and then matched by East Ayrshire Council. Keira’s favourite project was proposed by our local beavers/cubs group to create the first ever ‘Hedgehog Friendly Village’ with a hedgehog day of action to promote wee gaps in garden fences for hedgehog highways and hideaway nesting boxes. Inspired by this and a dream featuring a silver hedgehog, Keira had had recently, she dictated to me the story in my previous blog, where Hercules the Hedgehog finds himself in a tricky situation, perhaps we can all somewhat relate to his plight!

The next day, out with some fellow Dunlop Outdoor Connections stewards checking out routes for a potential new active travel path, we came across a wee sheep, stuck on her back and drowning in a muddy puddle, after all these weeks of Ayrshire rain! She could barely hold her head up out of the mud any longer and her eyes were rolling back in her head dizzy and panicked upside down, so after reclaiming one welly, I squelched my way over and had to dive right in. Up to my thighs and elbows in mud I tried to pull her out, she was heavy with a fleece sodden with muddy water. Much to his delight (or not), I needed some help from a fellow walker. We managed to pull the ewe out of the deepest mud and help her get the right way up again, whilst our friend called for the farmer. I still wasn’t sure she was going to make it, exhausted the wee sheep still couldn’t hold her head up, so I propped her up on my leg and spoke gently as I cleaned out her eyes and nose as best I could. After a while, she gained strength in her front legs firstly and then her back legs: we were able to guide her out of the quagmire. I looked like a bog monster with mud splattered all over my face and hair, but I was elated as she wandered over to some higher, drier ground and started nibbling the grass before not too long. As we got ready to leave, knowing the farmer was on his way and she was out of trouble, I said my goodbyes and was answered with a quiet bleat and a nod of the head in return.

The parallels between Keira’s imaginative conjuring of Hercules the Hedgehog and my wee sheep friend got me thinking…. on alchemy of the soul and of our lives. If we truly wish to transform a situation where we feel somewhat stuck, (whether that be emotionally, financially, physically or however else), we have to ‘get stuck right in’ to do things properly, to make things right. In order to transmute and transform situations we might not want to be in, or even admit to ourselves that we are in, we might get dirty in the process... it can get messy. But when we’re motivated by love and the plight for freedom and we turn around and face the mud, the shadows, the chains or the fears head-on - how can we possibly fail?

On the same day, my oldest brother had decided to commit himself to the ritual of baptism in a new vibrant church that he had been attending and had given him relief and hope through difficult times. Whilst he was plunged into water blessed with holy intentions and the teachings of Jesus; I was wrestling with the mud to free the sheep. Taking the new-age concepts of 'grounding/earthing' to the extreme. The paradox!

They say that it's the internal quarrels and discomfort that can lead us to projecting such events out into our external lives. It can also happen that when we are immersed in favourable, uplifting life experiences or even miraculous occurrences and we are subjected to lighter, higher vibrations from the universe, that the somewhat unpleasant 'side-effect' is triggered: of stirring up the murk and the hidden shadowy tendencies we may have relied upon as crutches to get through life or even inherited, to be 'seen'; acknowledged and integrated. If we can remain conscious through the process: dancing into the fire, a chance to find the phoenix for the flame. We can allow our old worn-out sense of selves to die to be born anew. The Chinese symbol for 'crises' incorporates both 'danger' and 'opportunity'. These are the times we are living through, our energetic frequencies encountering angelic tuning whether that be through a series storms passing through or any other initiatory processes to prepare us for the next phase of our soul's ascension. Calling upon all our supernatural, 'astral' weaponry to clear away any blocks to our highest potential might just be a good idea ;-).

Keira hasn’t quite finished her story yet, in the end Hercules finds his way back to Hedgehog paradise. Maybe there will be a few more adventures en route 😊.

I’m ready for spring now, that’s for sure.

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