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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

‘There is salvation and rapture for the lonely

Bless this day, sacred and holy.

With you I am revealed

All my shame, all my faults and virtues

Behold body, mind and spirit

Heart and soul devoted all to you’

- Tracy Chapman

‘What she wished to ignite in him, she felt begin to burn within herself.’ - Lars Muhl

Sansha sat in her cottage trembling – vista viewing the rain that continued to fall, conscious of the storms they had created, she sang:

‘Am rama marae, I am Mari am I

Am rama marae, I am Mari am I, Mari I am

Yeshua, Yeshua

Your beloved friend, your council, am I

Your light, your peace, your heaven, am I

I am here, I am here

Peace be upon you

Peace be upon you’

The melody of an age where the connection to lands, times, macro and micro blended into a timeless void, an echo of remembrance. The tones, a reminder and a call sent forth. She connected to her guardian angel of awakening, her soul, her family, her sage through the light and the light expanded in love.

The storm inside began to subside and slowly the rains lightened in reflection. She had seen Thorstar as Atlanto in their past life, in his full brilliance, the span of his wings so vast and the darkness that followed his fall, so dense, thick, he became broken and pained. Sansha had been a witness, the fear of the flame of God from men of old crumpling the vision of paradise. And yet the Gaulic – the Galia – the meaning: God shall redeem, God shall gift back, the lands of Eden, Heaven on Earth.

Oronos was with her and through her own fears and the turbulence it created through the heart chakra, he nudged her on to speak:

‘We do not need to hide ourselves, sisters and brothers, we do not need to bind our tongues. We are all here together to cleanse our shadows of the darkness of overpowering dominion from within.’

‘Mamma’, Caera had appeared: ‘There must not be another war; or the Kingdom will fall, you must teach them how to use their magic.’

Sansha prepared to face the masses, knowing there was nothing to fear but fear itself.

She closed her eyes and spoke to Thorstar:

‘Our love is enduring

There is nothing to fear

What happened before, ashes of pain

Smouldering no more.’

His own unfoldment into radiance and the unveiling of the mystery, she trusted completely. Finding her own way back to full embodiment of creation; through the dust; through the panic, to the peace, to the presence to her gifts to share. The rainbow of blessings upon their households rained forth. Their wider families and dear ones reaping the rewards of their heartful presence also.

Thorstar saw himself reclaim his rightful crown as Atlanto, guardian keeper of the Kingdom of Gaul, through the orb of Amenti in the Green Woman’s smile within the trees:

‘I’ll be there as soon as I can’ She heard him whisper, ‘There’s something good coming, for you and me, something good coming, there has to be’.

As Sansha opened the protections around her heart and spoke more freely from there, to her family, her friends, her peers and to those who sought her council, so the energetic tides turned as Thorstar emerged slowly from his struggles submerged in the slush. The ice surrounding his alta-major chakra wheel; his well of dreams chakra wheel; the melting ice of glacial temps found freedom floating as ease toward celebration and dance – a fiesta from the flame arose from the fire in his belly.

Sansha and Thorstar, although apart for the time being, were more aware they were working in synergy. Communicating through coding from the cosmos.

‘We create wealth, when we focus our love on a common outcome’, Sansha had gently suggested.

As if Oronos would pull strings in heaven to deliver day-dreams of plenty.

Thorstar recoiled, a little: it’s like a different reality he thought scoffing and sighing – she lives in a different world!

The only thing standing between the flames and their manifestations was the false sense of reality when they surveyed the stumbling, crumbling structures surrounding them. The fractures of the shattered shadows reflected through their distractions day to day. Footing unsure, yet aware only by breaking through their fears and speaking, showing their true colours within the masquerade charade they were living through.

Thorstar bejewelled with the riches he had reaped made the decision to integrate the discomfort he had known from living out of balance with his emotions and let his heart lead him forward in humble grace and gratitude; the teachings Sansha had shown. He felt her hum, the pulsating rhythm from her womb space synched with Gaia’s realm led him forward, the scent of the Evergreens luring him along lovingly.

Naked, unmasked they both lay at either side of the county to be seen. This is I, this is me, this is Thy. The elixir of thy love embalming their being to awaken the purifying fires of confidence once more. This time balancing his analysis of each encounter with how he truly felt about things. And she: weighing up the conditions she needed to thrive as Queen of the Wild-Woods; steady and assured of her hero’s journey forward.

Sansha drank more of the tea Carlin had brought. Wild Camomile with yellow spheres that mimicked halos upon the ends of their green stalks and in turn opening up the thousand petaled lotus of her crown energy. She slept so soundly. And in the hazy space between slumber and wakefulness remembered how Thorstar had opened her up from base to crown, to the wonders of the spheres. His astral light, she felt the starlight sprinkles on her skin, his serum anointing the cylinders like portals to heaven, awakening her remembrance as an oracle, as an enlightened one, as a priestess lifetimes ago. Awakening her key to eternal life, the forever-green woman. Her scent and secretions and the power within her allowing the same for him; leading him along the eight-fold pathway to meet his maker.

Sansha’s prophetic visions still took her breath away, as she was shown Thorstar’s pathway step by step. Firstly Meesha’s bitterness and grasping for guaranteed security from spite and fear, as she decided to leave Thorstar’s safe haven. Then her control not fully relinquished as she huffed haughtily if Thorstar should take a moment to long meandering along the coast with Starlight or stay up too late into the night. Brief reprieves with the river of spirit alone where he could breathe the breath of life unhindered.

And then somehow, Sansha sensed Meesha fading away as Thorstar mourned the changes in his life and all that he had known. Losing respect from his parents that he had strived for so long to maintain – had it ever truly been there – for who he was with his sensitivities deep inside. Finally, feeling strong enough to admit he did not want to fight himself or anyone, releasing the conditioning of his father’s insistent battle-readiness into the river-light.

He spent time alone with Ducati at the stables galloping bareback over the moors of magic, through the groves of Gaul, beyond the cliffs of credence. His connection to his divine spark returning – he knew she had lit it within him years before, and even after all this time she had never let the embers extinguish.


Sansha felt confused, so many projects she had started, juggling her time with Caera alongside running here and there between her parent’s estate, her cottage chores, the villagers, the medicine men and women, and her books. The clarity she had felt began to wane as tradesmen came and went not offering the support for the estate, she so desperately craved to feel secure. Unsure of the next steps to take, Sansha called out to Oronos, to Yeshua, to God.

‘What must I do next ??’

‘Love him.’ They replied.

‘Yeshua… God…? I do!’

‘Thorstar.’ The luminosity led in reply.

‘Simply love him.’

She sighed, relieved, the most natural space in the world for her to be.

‘You need not worry or strive in strife. Await the new moon for clarity. Know the power and peace this love brings; you are provided for today and all days in faith. The Excalibur will cut away all that is false as truth gravitates toward itself.’

Sansha reclined, thankful for a few moments free from fretting. Closing her eyes, she glimpsed the cosmic egg of Mariam she felt the etheric ripples from her soul-shine-space expand. She sang her Gaelic notes, them alike travelling through the breeze toward…. wherever he was.


Sansha’s journey in love was her destined zenith: this axiom engrained somewhere deep within her heart, despite how things looked. Her recent meeting with Capaldi, the potential investor, had renewed her hopes for her father’s atonement and redemption.

‘I feel like I know you’ he had said.

His deep brown eyes reminding her of Thorstar.

Inwardly she sighed, knowing, a connection from past ages, Capaldi had appeared following her fervent prayers and surrender into love. Somehow, although he was tentative, Sansha guessed they would be working together. Over-excited at the prospect of greater freedoms and diminished monetary worries, Sansha couldn’t hold back her old patterns of grasping madness. Her impatient longing for freedom, anticipating the freedom of her beloved in perfect reflection.

‘Have faith in the sage wisdom of your Father!’ Her guides had thrice reminded her.

‘I know, I know, we don’t need to jump at the first offer, Father, but open up to miracles!’

Her Father brushed her off: ‘Toil and tears is what it will take more like!’

She stormed home, sobbing, her emotional out-break knocking her off balance. Working with him was maddening at times, she hadn’t asked for this!

‘God is in the roses, and the thorns’. She thought. What must I do….

Longing for carefree days by the sea, singing, dancing and playing…

Initially she took on her father’s words, must I toil, must I tally, feeling exhausted by the thought of more number crunching, and dingy dark corridors at the factory-mill.

‘Heal the curse of the bloodline.’ Was the answer. ‘With Hummingbird medicine’.

The stubborn lack of love and support between the men in her family, grudges from past hurts, hindrances, and failures. Another fractured and fragmented mirror from broken battles in days of earlier clansmen. Could the reignition of spirit somehow heal the rifts?

Later that day, Sansha headed out with Lara her hound, to cool off in the grove. Scrambling down the brae, she caught sight of an otter on their path. Romping and rolling around in the long moist grass, she spoke:

‘Hi friend, wow, hi there’.

Ossian, the Otter, an inquisitive little fellow bounded along the pathway toward her and Lara. Sansha somewhat alarmed, spoke louder:

‘Hey! Don’t come too close!’ Worried about a foray of fur and teeth with Lara’s bursars bristling.

Ossian slinked off playfully under the hedge. Wow! Sansha had never come across the otter totem before, let alone so close to home, wracking her mind for the message, he had been so friendly and playful:

‘Let life unfold, allow others to be who they are, ignite a playful approach to love and life. See the joy in all the small things; play, have fun!’

A powerful message, it sounded just like Thorstar's quick wit, humour and lightness of spirit.

The icebergs of the feeling body fog were melting in the men folk of Sansha’s family, remembering the brotherhood, letting go of pride and pomp. Freedom was the path alight within the hearts of them all.

‘Keep balanced Sansha’, Oronos whispered. ‘Your father holds the keys as an ‘Edenman’, he has long-known the magic of the maker, now he needs your help.'

She had to drop her resistance. Showing the fullness of the love beating within her bosom abound for all, she took off her mask and walked toward her Queendom with her head held high, drawing upon the razor-sharp focus of the Goddess Artemis.

Remember it is the vibration through Christ-lighted love that allows the magic in. Live in Love. Boost the soul-shine. This. Thorstar’s gift in remembrance, your salvation:

‘This pure crystalline/christ energy so light and soothing, the purest love moves wherever it needs to go if we let it in and remove the barriers around our hearts. It is indescribably beautiful, peaceful, penetrable, it has no ulterior motive. Only to heal, comfort and turn all to light. It is the energy of pure love. This force is the most powerful, and removes all darkness effortlessly. It is a divine gift available to all. Once felt, it cannot be refuted. The energy just flows. That is where I am, and where kindred spirits meet. Embody and call upon this energy each day and you shall see changes that are irrefutable in the physical manifestation.’

‘There is a light within people of light, and they shine it upon the whole world. If they don’t, what darkness.’ Yeshua: Gospel of Thomas.

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