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Preserving Our True Nature

The world and the way we live within it stopped making sense to me a few years ago. At that time, I started to meditate, to pray, to connect. To call in the energy of Yeshua, Mariam and the highest angelic forces to guide my path and bless those I loved. I started pulling cards, flexing my intuitive muscles, stirred by image and ancient archetype, and feeling more connected to nature guides, animals and synchronistic souls that crossed my path. It was my form of spiritual sanctity and faith to anchor to through uncertain times. I began to pay more attention to my dreams. I listened to astrologers, guiding their listeners through cycles of complementary or at times inflammatory planetary influences. A reminder that everything is always fluid, fluctuating and flowing. I heard them talk of 2020 and how we were in for something big. I felt the pressure cooker building.

I hoped maybe we would get lucky; our windfall would arrive or that dark handsome would finally show up. But January passed and not too much changed, aside from an underlying awareness that I was still selling myself short in life, some sense of expression clamped down. In the first couple of months of the year, I had two dreams, in preparation I feel. The first was more like a message: ‘We only get sick when our vibration drops.’ It made sense to me, I had been practising yoga, reiki, qigong and I knew what my high vibrational and vibrant states felt like. Conversely, I knew what being out of alignment felt like, after one too many wines and the customary hangover pizza. After too many days of winter darkness and stagnation, pouring over figures in the office. Yes of course health directly correlated with vibration.

In the second dream, I was witnessing some kind of earthquake or more like an earth-shake where the land was shifting and cracking. I had to keep stepping one foot at a time as if on a wonky treadmill, whilst fractures of earth would shift me upward instead of forward. The sense I got, was that the changing, even some disintegrating structures surrounding us meant we had to keep moving, keep alert, present in the moment, so we were able to rise higher, rise above the chaos.

And so, as it became impossible to ignore the impending news of doom blaring out from our radios, tvs, iphones, etc, etc. Instead of freaking out or gluing myself to the tv set so I knew what ‘to do’, I paused, I breathed, I meditated and asked for the truth to be shown. The first and unmistakable card I picked out, was the 7 of swords. Deception. Shady behaviour. For sure, unintegrated shadowy actions: shifty, sleekit and sly from our ‘so-called’ leaders or at least those leading the narrative. The book of lies indeed. I had spent the previous years researching the impact of compassion, social interaction, pranayama (the breath of life…), oxidative stress and exercise had on our cells, our DNA, and our state of wellbeing. The ensuing misguided mandates therefore felt to me like an assault on all that uplifts our vibration.

Time passed on and our lives were largely unaffected I did not give up to outside authority when I chose to see and hug my parents, my family, and some close friends. I was not about to live in fear or compromise our ‘true state’ of being because an ‘official’ said it was ‘for the greater good’. I did not believe them.

Our ‘true way of being’ is to gather, to commune, to venture outdoors for long hours in sun or rain as is necessary in Scotland, to gently touch and hold our loved ones. To gather around any who are ill or infirm and to uplift their spirits with fruits, with flowers, with fresh air and love. Our ‘true nature’ is to smile at one another, to hug old friends and to take deep breaths in, of woodland and seascape scents. To come together to mourn, to celebrate, to create and to contemplate. Perhaps the assault on our true nature comes as no surprise when many live in a state of disconnect to the natural world, to the rhythms of the sun, moon, and stars, to each other and to themselves. Caught up in illusions of opulence, sickness, and detached discord absorbed in algorithmic allegory. It is no wonder men and women with blank stares and soul-less forms chose to strike for their prize. Most likely for money or more sinisterly, our souls: all and all it’s our creative life force that is crying out to be set free from the deadened, depleted, dry remnants of leeching from succubus/incubus embodiments that have or ‘had’ enslaved humanity.

Those well accustomed with what enables our true nature to thrive in good health may know of the model of ‘chronic social stress’. Long studied in pre-clinical laboratories using rodents and primates to induce states of dis-ease through separation from social groups or threats from ‘larger’ (more empowered) animals. Behaviour is observed and then usually the animals are killed off and their brains removed to study in more detail under the microscope. Countless studies demonstrate that these animals typically suffer from major depressive disorder, neuronal depletion reducing learning and memory and that DNA replication is hindered therefore encumbering optimal cellular processes underpinning our vibrant health. In essence ‘chronic social stress’ is known to impinge upon our mental and physical wellbeing in a variety of different ways. Pharmaceutical companies utilize these models to study molecular targets for antidepressants. From what I know and from what I perceive of my 20 years of studying and working in health: social distancing measures and masking have not been ‘mandated’ to preserve our wellbeing. Yes, the NHS and those working so hard within our health care system need our support as I reported on previously, but not like this.

The realization I have had this week, is that we cannot fight the darkness that is clouding our planet and our vibration during these times. It is a manifestation of the collective unintegrated shadow-psyche illuminating everyone’s deepest, darkest fears, attachments, projections and judgements. However, what we must do is everything in our power to maintain or get back to our higher vibrational states. It is more important than ever before that we find ways to fill our days with exercise, relaxation, fresh air, and supportive like-minds in whatever way is doable. Going deeper, it is our individual responsibility to untangle our own inner daemons. To begin to free the web of our body/mind/soul in connection to the cosmos. To reinstate our integrity, that has been impinged upon by a ferocity of fright and confusion from the two-headed demiurge that lurked within the depths of our collective unconscious, that led us to believe in the false narrative of fear. May the preservation of our true nature lead us higher toward brighter days.

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