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Power & Potential

After a day in the wilds, at one of my most favorite healing ‘spittal’s’ (gaelic for narrow pass between the hills, a valley), I am reminded that the word also means: ‘hospital’, closely related to ‘hospitable’. Gathering places, healing places, upon the land, where the power of the land is palpable. Where rivers run, loch-tides glint and dragon-lines link. Yesterday, the land felt luxurious, luscious. Butterflies, beetles, swallows and heron, my loch-side comrades, echoing another transformative chapter of my existence, from cocoon toward the heights of summer swallows, bridging material and spiritual worlds, the wise druidic heron. Returning home as with each escapade, the Goddess Gaia had awoken another dormant layer or cellular cascade of creation.

Bramcharya, the conservation of sacred life-force referred to in yoga philosophy is a key part of wisdom I espouse to be true. How we cultivate this supply, I do so from walks in the wild, and how we choose to direct the flow of this supply we can cultivate. I am reminded of ahimsa, the importance of causing no harm or at the very least holding that intention. The power of ‘life-force’ is transformative, plutonic, scorpionic, like the phoenix, the force of creation, regenerative. As such, it is highly sought-after, sometimes by those who don’t pay so much attention to holding the intent of ahimsa.

Harnessing life force and allowing it’s flow through our being to bring no harm, indeed to bring peace. My intent is to support freedom, the freedom of ‘life-force’, particularly in women, who have not always been provided with permission to create with the spirit of ahimsa, with the spirit of peace and presence in order to so liberate, life-force, from where the cycles of creation can continue. Women who embrace their true power and potential. to find out more.

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