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Playful Curiosity

Spending time with ourselves, being completely present, with how we see ourselves and our worth within the world around us isn’t always fun, when fear is haunting, low confidence lingering and mistrust meddling. In coming completely into the heart of the moment with what is, regardless of circumstances around us, the ghosts from our past and our trepidation on the future, we can still find invisible supportive forces that help us surrender in stillness.

Strategies sought without the breath of the heart, leave us depleted, constricted and spent, through seemingly endless rings of time. Our sense of abundance, our sense of vibrance placed on hold for a little while.

Our inner warrior spirit resting, surmising for a time as we contemplate our divine-inspiration melding into motion. Perceiving our collaborative cosmology more keenly as we each individually gather in our harvest to plant seeds anew. In communion with the natural world, our rhythms and routines gifting renewed strength to our voices speaking balance into being.

Steady and simple progressions forward, committed to ourselves and our pathways, purveying prose on the textures of our human experience, intricately woven, between our physical form and our mind meanderings. All roads leading back to the heart, fueling focused and playful curiosity, empowered in our free-flow forwards.

Some collective themes to share for the super blue full moon in Pisces.

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