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Peace is Power...

...on the Path to Vibrant Health. Ask yourself – does the chaos ensuing around us just now spark resonance within you true-heart? Within your true-heart of knowing? Or does it feel more like a pseudo-apocalyptic nightmare being spoon fed to us through each and every news bulletin and cortisol-inducing notification ping on our smart-phones whilst our emotive responses and pupil dilation are duly noted ! Corona means ‘crown’ and the virus that is spreading around the world indeed seems to be cutting off connection with our innate angelic agility and higher mind accessed through our crown chakra.

Maybe only if you have experienced a depth of connection with the divine do my words make some sense. Yet we have all experienced the mystery and the majesty of the miracles that surround the lives we lead. Only if you have an understanding of what kundalini energy coursing through your body feels like will you be more likely to keep reading – and yet many have through ecstatic states of sexual or spiritual bliss. The latest advice I heard from tabloid sources is that we should consider sleeping in separate rooms from our partners to prevent the ‘spread’. To prevent the spread of love feels like such an assault on the core of my being that I have to write. The most relief my young daughter gets from stomach aches is from the cuddles from her Mum and Dad. ‘Don’t go to the gym’ said sky news – it’s a hot bed of breeding germs. And what about our improved cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and immune functionality necessary to fight off disease? ‘Self-isolate’ the already isolated and alone when all ancient healing methods speak of a heart based connection necessary to become well again. ‘Don’t allow people to gather’ – alas, the shekinah or some uplifting vibe may infiltrate. If you need the science – check out the studies that show that our connection with others LIGHTS UP our nervous system in vagal tone (more conducive to a properly functioning immune system) when we are in a heart coherent state within and with others (see heart-math), compassionate interaction speeds recovery; (see CCARE at Stanford) and chronic stress hormones hinders our immune function and that of our children (e.g. ACE studies). Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr David Hamilton, Dr Christiane Northrup and hundreds/thousands more. I’m not saying ignore best practice and common sense to prevent the spread of disease. We should care about those that are immuno-compromised and rally together to make sure everyone is looked after especially due to the domino affect of any socio-economic storms. But perhaps we should question the narrative and tune into what brings true-vibrant health into our own lives a little more during these times of quarantine. Where does the narrative stem from and who benefits? Do we blindly follow those wearing the masks? Is the bogeyman really coming to get us or can we peel back the layers of truth and delve deeper. When we overcome our fear of transition, our fear of death ultimately, and know that it is yet another beginning we can transcend the chaos and become the manifestation of miraculous healing.

My friend questioned my ‘lack of trust’ in mainstream media, scientific outputs and government soundbites recently and suggested that outlooks on life in general are a product of our upbringing. It’s only now that I agree more fully and stand in conviction with my covenanting ancestors preaching on the hill-tops at risk of punitive measures by the ‘thought-police’ of those times. In standing together through this mayhem and understanding we have far more power when it comes to our vibrant health AND healing than we have been led to believe for millennia. As my heart-based medicine friend said today: Fear is the dis-ease. May we be well, may we thrive in vibrant health. May we find power in our peace.

Corona also means ‘a gaseous envelope of the sun and other stars’. When we are in higher energetic states: our ‘auric’ envelope is strong, keep yours that way without any ‘viral’ attacks. (If you want science for our auric field I have a list of references to research studying the electromagnetic fields that surround the human body). The virus is attacking our connection to a higher truth, the impact that our thoughts have on our reality and our inter-connectivity. What we don’t need are even more social, health or other triggers for already chronic levels of anxiety. This is my truth which I thank you for respecting. If quantum physics is all a matter of perception… what is yours? Our collective perspective matters

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