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In our past, all the sacrifices made by the women gone before us, in our families, and from the lands we live upon, cloak us with the armor of God. We feel their fury and their anguish in what they were asked to carry, what they were asked to endure and how the simplicity of the family lives they desired, were oftentimes lost. The family that our hive-mind wishes to portray as perfection… can be far from perfect. And sometimes, only when we step out upon adventure can we come face to face in full awareness of what this fall from the garden entailed, because our hearts yearn to know. In order to face ourselves and learn. Sometimes this gift of ‘sight’ can be a burden in itself. Yet our north-node drives us to uncover the truth. The truth of not just all our mother’s were asked to sacrifice, but how our father’s too, were locked up. In towers of stark fear and spiritual slavery. The kintsugi repair of our soul shards is only emboldened, as we encounter these truths about our societal structures. In acceptance, we become more whole. And we feel more deeply, the unconditional love from our earthly mother who witnesses joy and pain, as cycles of creation. #pachamama #familyhealing #truth

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