• Heather

On Binary Stars and Supernova Symphonies:

Most stars in our sky are thought to be ‘binary’. Sharing an orbiting trajectory, gravitationally bound to another star, and in some cases entering a chaotic dance closer and closer until fusion occurs creating a supernova flood of cosmic stardust and light. Akin to a zygote being formed from polar gametes of masculine and feminine bipartisan spheres. You could postulate that the yin-yang symbol represents this dance. The swirl between the worlds of heaven and earth. Consider the homogenous nature of our organs, the two kidneys, the lobes of the right and left lungs and the four chambers of our heart. Energies uniting in the heart. The magnetic pull from the earth and the radiant rays of the sun from the sky. Electric: magnetic. Fusion: fission. Pyramidal opposites creating propulsion – the force, the source – of love? Of creation. The tree of life. ‘You can try to fight the feeling; the feeling takes you down’. The polarity creates a vortex, a swirling whirlpool – storms can form; shadows and seeming disorder. The context for success is not to view the process playing out in life through the eyes alone yet feel and not fear through the heart.

At the apex of creation, where the polarities meld and reflect each other’s light in mutual appreciation, the effect of the supernova sends out sparks, shock waves, gravitational flares: transducing translucence. Worlds shift, in likelihood dimensions too. Through quantum leaps: galaxy clusters, clouds, oceans, rivers, lands and surrounding sentient beings are shuffled, shoogled, up lifted, ignited. Angels dance, children beam and sing when the binary stars… or souls, collide – the light is blinding. The purpose? Expansion from the explosive force is a necessary output for evolution from the creator’s eye of the storm. The chain reaction alchemically bound with nature’s law and the elliptical orbits of celestial order: the energy of pure potential; of love. ❤️

‘You should never fight your feelings, when your very bones believe them, you have to follow nature’s law’ - Embrace.

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