Miracle Mindset, Ayurvedic Wisdom and Mountain Tops

Miracle Mindset

On 6/6 this year, my parents had been married for 51 years. They were on holiday climbing a wee mountain to celebrate. I can’t say I wasn’t enjoying the peace :-D (I live beside and work with my parents currently and as wonderful as they are it was a nice wee bit of rest-bite while I enjoyed the company of Jura, their cocka-poo). On that morning I had a particularly self-indulgent morning practice of Qi Gong, deep meditation, mantra and prayer. I’ve been using mantras to invoke the qualities of Ganesha (I’ve blogged about him before) and Jupiter (benevolence and abundance) recently after receiving guidance from a Vedic astrologer last year I’ll get back to that later. I recently vlogged about a happy client who, after a particularly transformative year was able to pay off her mortgage totally unexpectedly, that seemed like a miracle to me. It got me thinking of the other wee miracles I’d witnessed in recent months. Another close friend had paid off his mortgage (he’d certainly felt the benefit of my vibes); and a friend and client had fallen pregnant after months of trying after attending particularly relaxing yoga/coaching sessions. Ok universe, if these people can experience miracles and if they are in any way affected by the techniques I teach or my words of wisdom, let’s be having some miracles please. They had felt a little few and far between in my own life (see Saturn transit below). And so I included ‘I’m experiencing miracles in my own life and the lives of my family each day’ as a heart felt affirmation that morning, for about a year before I’d only been saying ‘I’m experiencing miracles each day’… they say you have to be specific !!

After firing off a wee message of unconditional love to said old friend a few hours later, I received a message from another good friend inviting me to a call to discuss how to bring more ‘heart into the pharma and medical establishment’, oh and they might be looking for a fully funded PhD student. Whaaaat. I’d just been chatting to my niece about doing a PhD but couldn’t find any scientific topics to whet my interest after a quick search online. I’d also just recently put it out to the LinkedIn world that I had time available for some research work specifically focusing on vagal tone to augment response to treatment to combine my experience in research and the last few years in yoga and heart-centred coaching (looking to supplement my income while I worked toward helping my parents business). I couldn’t believe the opportunity that was presenting. Sure enough, shortly thereafter, a woodpecker landed on my bird-feeder and stayed for a loooong time. ‘Opportunity beckons, pay attention to your thoughts and feelings’ so said spirit-animal.com, you’re not kidding. A couple of nights later I was invited out to dinner at a Michelin star restaurant to discuss the opportunity with the supervising Professor (another kindred spirit) and my good pal where all three of us there experienced what can only be described as an intense meeting of minds, hearts and souls… after a few exquisite wines, lol.

Now a PhD in some seemingly absurd topic might not seem like a miracle to you, but to me it fit the bill for exactly what I was looking for to merge my experience and bring in some cash to help the bills. It’s not all set in stone as yet, but it sure as hell is what I’m now working towards and it’s also given me a kick up the backside to get things sorted for my parents 😊.

The Miracle Mindset Formula:

1. Raise your vibration using whatever techniques you have available (I have many if you need more)

2. Put your intention out into the world – where are you limiting yourself? I had been for months thinking that I only had to help others and if I had to be skint then fair enough, I had also totally blocked myself off from my old life in research thinking ‘I could NEVER go back there’… what if I could, but just as my true-self. Thank-you to my old friend that helped shift that mindset. Maybe it’s emotionally you’re selling yourself short, as he and many many others tend to. We are actually worth everything we desire, only programming tells us otherwise.

3. Know you worth – declare your worth !, yes it feels strange speaking out loud but our spoken words hold vibrational energy (be careful of the words you are speaking). Ask and the door shall be opened unto you…

4. Embody divine love, share this wherever you feel called, this is your super-power and this will get you through rivers deep and mountains high. Warning: It might take some life-lessons to let go of conditional-love.

5. Release attachment and get on with your day, keep the knowing all good things are transpiring and… dance (I’m sure it helps 😉)


Fast forward a few weeks and I had the privilege to study and spend some time wit