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March Momentum

Welcome to my March update! Here in Scotland and most of the UK, we are getting back on our feet after being somewhat side-lined by the so-called 'Beast from the East'! And what a beast it was. I saw many cars wheel-spinning, roads closed, supermarket shelves emptied, barren towns and huddled-horses. But aside from these inconveniences, did you notice how the white-out made you feel? Did it influence your relationships? Your energy? Your sleep? Your mood? Snow has a soporific effect on animals, it's like it's harder to keep eyes open with the glare of the white snow. My pet sheep, cats and bunny were definitely a bit more sleepy... zzzz and me too! Those cravings for comfort foods were back! Just as I was about to start a proper detox-fast (I know, I know, any excuse...). In my own life, I got to spend some more precious time with my 6-year old daughter as schools were closed and her holiday with her Dad was postponed. She was hugely disappointed to have her flight cancelled for her big trip to Canada. However it allowed important lessons to be learned in that we can't always control things, and we all have the 'power in our belly' as I frequently remind her, to wallow in melancholy, sad feelings or to see the good in the circumstances that present themselves. So Keira put her time to good use, and designed some flyers and a poster for her future business, an educational animal rescue centre/sanctuary, she's starting young :-). My family, neighbours and I rallied round each other, sharing milk (they had to put up with soy) and other supplies and making sure my workaholic Dad didn't head out to face the blizzards in true fashion! I felt a deeper connection with those around me, increased compassion and community spirit. Communications improved, just by allowing ourselves to be more 'present'. It's almost like the weather forced us to hold our horses on galloping forward with our plans for Spring, to take a rein-check on the go-go-go forward momentum and just... re-calibrate. My business to do list definitely looks a bit longer, but I have prioritised. I didn't brave the A9 to visit some friends up North, but I did have the chance to finish my de-clutter and write a blog :-). As I look outside my window, I can see the snow melting more and I know that Spring will re-emerge to fill us with gusto once again. Hopefully, we've had more of a chance to properly tune into our feelings, acknowledge what they are saying about where we want to go, re-adjust our compass and now we can step out with even more drive as we move toward the Spring Equinox on 20th March.

March relates to the fiery planet, Mars, which is governed by Aries, a fire sign, full of Tapas. So listen to that fire in your belly, where does it want to take you? You are not a victim of any perceived negative circumstances that may present, you truly do have the power to re-align and step toward your creations, manifestations and fulfilment. My March workshop on at the Fenwick Hotel, 16th March will focus bringing the qualities of the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether) into balance in our own lives, allowing us to step out of any dis-empowering patterns to steer ourselves forward. We'll also do a bit of yoga and breath-work to ensure our earthly bodies are in ship-shape and moving in flow with our desired direction. I'll also be running a yoga workshop for kids aged 5-12 earlier in the day on 16th March, where Ashtanga the Octopus will be making an appearance to take us through 90 minutes of games, creative activities, exercise and relaxation. Our next Self-Care Sunday Day Retreat has been pushed out to 8th April where we'll dive more deeply into similar themes. See full details at www.heathergwenbird.com/book-online and www.facebook.com/heathergwenbird.

See you soon, keep cosy ! Heather x

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