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Updated: Nov 15

Kaylah dog took me for a walk up the hill close to the ancient archaeological ‘cursus’ site today, thought to be of grandeur splendour and size like a cathedral of its day, that extends from Drumadoon point in Blackwaterfoot to the megalithic standing stones at Machrie Moor.  A cursus is thought to be a processional way, a gathering place, a rite of passage but the etymology of the word also means ‘a journey, a voyage or an educational course’. 

The word cursus itself sounds very similar to curse, which is a little worrying considering its proximity.  Recently I was drawn to research the saying ‘Anathema Maranatha’, a biblical sentence of ‘excommunication’ delivered to those expelled from the church or certain doctrines.  Some translations have found it to mean: ‘If anyone does not love the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be accursed’.  Yikes.  However on closer inspection of the etymology and the roots of these words, we find ‘Ana’, means to lift/high/angelic; ‘thema’: a time, a theme or ‘to place’ so really we’re not excommunicating, or cursing, we’re giving over to a higher power.  Maranatha means ‘it is already done’, we could deduce perhaps what goes around, comes around, the universal law of cause and effect or karma.  It also means ‘rapture’, ‘expansive’, ‘freedom’.  We free ourselves when we give over others that touch our lives (that maybe at times we would wish to curse or swear at) to the grand play of life to work it’s magic upon.  Life has a way of providing the lessons that we need to learn, and if we don’t learn well the first time, you might have noticed recurring themes that almost seem to ‘haunt’ us.  If we do choose to study ourselves and wisdom-sources that speak to us, we find that embodying the lessons can lift us higher.  Heightened sensations of joy, togetherness, connection, shared visions and the like.

Back to the cursus, some archeo-astronomers believe megalithic structures such as stone circles and cursi were constructed in alignment with the cosmos.  It was common practice in prehistory to orientate such constructions to significant celestial objects or landscape features, representing a communication between our ancestors, the earth and their cosmic environment.  As I activated my inner senses to explore the purpose of the cursus further, the word that came to mind was cosmology.  These structures facilitate/d our connection to cosmology, when I checked the meaning: the origin and evolution of the universe, from the Big Bang to today and on into the future.  Connection to our wisdom source, perhaps even, connection to the light beings that help guide our path and light up our extra-senses on our ‘destined’ path.  I believe we all have one, how about you?  

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