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Kintsugi: Golden Repair

I believe the ancient ones look down upon us with understanding that there are many paths we can walk on our quest for deeper comprehension of life’s mysteries or ‘spiritual insight’. If you are that way inclined… many are not, which is fine. But for those who are: in recent years, it has been the feminine faculties (maybe twas always thus as my Mum would say), that have been stepping out onto a new path. Led not, by ways of old yet maybe by something older still. Some sense of ancient remembrance from an age when intuitive webs could be woven with threads of light seen only by those who paid more attention to such whims and fancies.

Brothers, fathers, partners, estranged yet lingering lovers have watched on, bemused. Not quite at peace with the metamorphosis they witnessed unfolding.

And now it feels, like we stand upon the precipice. Myself with some sisters that have held my hand through this disintegration of form so something different could emerge, from what felt at times like pupal mush in chrysalis, urged into semblance by an unseen force of life. Like all the different fragments of our lives are beginning to make more sense. What is beyond this precipice, we don’t yet know, but we are emboldened to stand up for what we believe in. We trust our intuition ever-more. Trust that we can say ‘no’, to that thing, that life, that kind of career, relationship, working hours, boss, family framework (you can fill in your own blanks), just isn’t right for me. And if it’s not for me then I know it does not make me as well in my body, mind and being as I have a right to be.

So we step out, off the precipice and there are choices to make, for ourselves this time, without handing over those important details to someone else to take care of. We take our cues and confirmations from our animal guides, insights from deep psyche work and a true embodied knowing of what feels right for our hearts. Those who remain trapped by patterns of old, look on with an air of anguished awe. But they too begin to plant their seeds of intention to co-create new ways for themselves, seeing new angles of perspective in possibilities.

What do we wish for, I actually wrote down fish for… we wish, and we fish for granted ownership of our own sovereignty, to sweep away smoky echoes from the past that don’t allow us to go with the flow like water. I’m drawn to the lyrics: ‘You’ve got to fly like an eagle, prowl like a lion in Africa, leap like a salmon, home from the sea, to keep up with me you’ve got to walk like a panther tonight’. Cutting away energetic residues that can infiltrate our thoughts, emotions, habits. This allows us to spiral with our shakti, soldering the last, lost segments of our soul-shards in the fires of the kiln with gold, Kintsugi-style. With this repaired and restored sense of self-worth, we are worth so much more than just our weight in gold or our focus on material wealth.

In this golden repair, with our renewed self-worth is where we find true wealth hand in hand with stable monetary wealth, inherantly linked, of course. And from a place of wealth in our worth, we have more clarity in our intentions to create with the cosmos extra-potently... in alignment with the highest good for all. As we do this, I know and I can feel, our stoic, emotions-under-wraps menfolk reciprocating with a deepening faith in their own knowing that dropping fears that form fences is not a sign of weakness. Rather, it draws us deeper, lifts us higher and assembles us stronger to create a brighter future for our children.

Namaste and blessings to you at this new moon.

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