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Keep Your Dreams Alive

What are your dreams? Your real dreams, the dreams of your heart. Your secret dreams, maybe the dreams you don’t tell anyone about. They are unique to each one of us. But they are all connected as we are all connected, so when you can keep your dreams alive, you’re helping others keep their dreams alive. You’re helping to inspire and elevate and give permission for others to follow theirs, especially our children but maybe even our parents! . If you think of your soul as a diamond, when you strip back all the layers and polish this diamond, what light does it want to shine? How do you wish to express yourself and your blazing passion? We all have that somewhere deep down, sometimes under layers and layers of what might feel like mud. And if that is the case, if the mud is thick, we need to shift our energy. I’ve been in that place where it feels like we’re stuck in doom, dread, and despondency. But even during the darkest of days, there is an inner key you can use to unlock the next steps of your journey upward and outward on to better days and ways. You must remember. Remember who you are as that soul-diamond. Remember your gifts, remember your keys, and remember your way back to the place of the Shekinah, your sacred embodiment here and now. Maybe no-one in your family history has allowed themselves to live their dreams for very many generations and incarnations. As you remember, your lineage remembers.

This might mean, confrontation, facing up to yourself, facing up to others. Facing up to the wild beast within as you tame and calm any chaotic swells of anger, frustration, misuse of power. Facing up to the parts of yourself that tell you that dreams are only for fairy tales. Facing off and rooting out the tangled knots and habits that might be deeply buried down under the surface that need to be cut out for you to feel the assurance that your dreams can come true. That love is real and is here to be experienced but only if we open our hearts to let the most vulnerable parts of ourselves be known, to ourselves, to our sacred partners. Intimacy, into-me-I-see. Which is why it can be so incredibly scary to let love in. To truly see ourselves in another is sacred and holy. And yet that is where the creative force comes from. It creates life. And life should not be wasted. If you have a knowing without knowing, a knowing of the heart that these things are true for you then so it shall be. It takes courage, to follow and to be true to the intelligence of the heart.

Make a decision. Just one decision, to follow life. Life as a sensation of ‘feeling alive’. Life as your creation on canvas. In full connection with what it means for you to feel alive. So alive that you could jump for joy . Take that action, bring the key you have discovered to the keyhole, through the portal of discovery to find what might be on the other side of just that one step into the unknown. Doing so takes trust in yourself as adaptable or even in unseen forces that will meet you there, and provide support for your decision in choosing love, choosing life, choosing your dreams, choosing what’s best for all involved, including yourself.

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