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How Resilient Are You?

In recent weeks, my resilience was tested. Little did I know, when I was developing my program, Saorsa, just how much I would need to return to the process myself. When we encounter traumatic episodes or chronic periods of stress, the neuronal networks of our pre-frontal cortex can be damaged. This part of our brain, allows us to respond flexibly to challenging situations and come up with creative, innovative solutions for any problems we face. Our heart-brain, of course, will also share some secrets. Interestingly, the inputs from the amygdala, linked with more primitive neural networks that govern our habitual and fear-based responses are heightened through trauma/chronic stress. Thankfully, there are practices we can engage in that encourage the neuro-plasticity of our pre-frontal cortex, such as meditation, nature-exposure, creative and physical activities. These help to bring us back to a place where we can balance our creative thinking and engage with more positive thought processes, instead of those pesky lurking fears. And so, now I have re-tested the Saorsa process, I’m opening up spaces in the evenings, Fridays and weekends for anyone who is struggling with themes such as these. You can email me at if you’d like to find out more. I've recently taken up Karate too, so watch this space... or your back, if you prefer to be a stressor :-P

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