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He... continued: Hercules The Hedgehog

Updated: Nov 12

Dictated by Keira, age 8.

Chapter 1: A different rescue.

Hercules the Hedgehog was trapped. It was a barbed wire fence; he thought he could fit through a big hole, he squeezed through but his spikes got caught on the barbs. He felt scared and his tummy was searing with pain. Blood was pouring from his tummy and he began to feel dizzy, he saw the blurry shape of a man and a dog just as his eyes shut, all you could see of him was a ball of spikes. A few hours later he woke up in a pitch black, cobwebbed chamber in a cage. He couldn’t feel any pain anymore, he noticed his belly was all stitched up. The chamber flooded with light, a women with curly blonde hair and a kind face walked in the door. She bent down and gave Hercules some food and water, she said to him “Hi, little guy, you look much better than before”. “Keep out of the way of Sen and his terrier, Axel, you’ll be out of here in no time.”

Chapter 2: Flooded with evil

That night he dreamt of being free with his mother out in the wilds before he had lost her. When he woke up he desired to be free again. He remembered playing with his best friend Torto the tortoise in the woods, near the river. Sen and Axil strode in the door, Sen had a dull grimace on his face, Axil snorted maliciously. The rusty keys around Sen’s neck gleamed in the sunlight through the doorway. “You’re going to be dog food soon my prickly little pal” he sneered; Axil barked agreeingly. Hercules backed away and quickly rolled into a ball. “Sure you want this one, Axil, seems a bit weak; I don’t think he would go down very well or give you enough strength, my lovely pooch!”. They strolled out of the room.

Chapter 3: The Wise Wow!

The next night, an owl flew down on top the bars of Hercules’ chamber. The owl whispered with a hoot “Are you ok there little spike?”. Hercules was startled, but still mumbled “Yeah, I’m ok”.

“You want some help getting out of here?”

“Yes, please!” He brightened up a bit.

“Ok, here’s a riddle:

To set yourself free

You must be

Able to see

The might of your silvery spike

Through the moon light”.

Hercules’ eyes lit up with questions: “But, how, wha, huh, who, me?”

But the owl flew out of the window, and a whooshing draft of air was the only answer he got.

Finally, Hercules got to sleep and drifted into paradise. He felt a ticklish tingle through his spikes and noticed they had all turned to silver. His body was covered with moss and autumn leaves, there were wild-flowers peaking up between his spikes of shimmering silver. He was blending into nature. If he felt scared, he simply activated his spikes to turn sparkly silver and reflect the beautiful nature surrounding him so he became part of it.

It was morning time. Hercules was wowed.

Chapter 4: True Spirit

He said to himself “ Is this what the owl meant?”. He accidentally touched the bars. He remembered the tingle of his spines and imagined all of his desire for freedom flowing into his spines. They became so electrifying that when he touched the bars of his cage again; they disappeared as he scurried forward and free. When he looked back, the bars had reappeared as if nothing had happened. Hercules clambered up onto a stool beside the window and throw himself out onto the ground and landed on his face with a big “ooof!”.

Mazy, the kind curly haired lady came into Hercules’ chamber and said: “Hello little g…! wow.” She gasped. “He’s done it, he’s found his spirit!”

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