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Image by Bjorn Snelders



Guest Speakers in the Spotlight for The Summit

In the spotlight, at The Summit, to begin we have Heather Ashley Thomson ND.

Heather is a Naturopath Doctor from Canada, trained in primary care medicine including naturopathic remedies. At The Summit Heather will be offering a workshop on Evolutionary medicine: Our bodies are wired for survival, our nervous system like the electrical wiring in our houses. But that wiring was installed when we lived in caves, when the main threats to our survival were having to fight or flee from a predator, or starvation, and it hasn't really been updated since. When we understand HOW and WHY our bodies respond today the way they do, we understand that our symptoms make sense, WE make sense, and we can begin to work with our wiring.

Heather will also offer a herb walk and tea tasting: before DHL and Royal Mail, before pharmaceutical companies and a Boots on every corner, people had to use what grew around them for their medicine. Come back to your roots and explore the surrounding trails on a herb walk, learning about common plants and how they can be amazing medicines. Herb/tea tasting included.

December deals with early bird rates for deposits (£250) paid by 31Dec2022. 💫🙌🏼

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