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Full Ferocity

On this year’s retreat: four of the power-house women from last year returned, two brought a couple of equally formidable soul-sisters and we had two further new recruits. The magic number 8. I am ever-awed by their heart-lead presence. There is something mighty and ferociously powerful that occurs when like-minded souls gather… enabling a pyramidal peak of light, divine perceptions to filter down through the vortex of cumulative soul-shine is how I see it when I meditate on the magic we create. May we preserve our freedom to gather together without fear.

The power to choose, the courage to step forward is building within us all (or at least those that feel called). Our focus refining, reframing it’s target and the guided steps lighting up from our guardian spirits. We feel the spark, we feel the flame and we realise… we were never really trapped, we were never really masked… perhaps we just had some growing up to do.

We get to choose our own path, our own journey and we also get to choose how we feel about it. Dwelling in regrets, guilt or shame or instead: blessing the lessons that showed us how we don’t wish to feel and levelling up. The clarion call for conscious right action on our hero’s journey onward rings clear, as we balance body and mind, attuning with our body-wisdom and integrating analysis using our higher mind combined with our body’s intelligence.

The week before the retreat, I had dreamt of being hidden away under stairs and in cupboards away from mother/father figures who had invited a heart-breaking situation into my childhood-home in the dream. The deeper meaning related to how I (and most of us to some extent) may have kept the greater being-ness of myself shut-out from life and interactions with others from fear of not fitting in or from worries of being a bit ‘too much’ through learned behaviours. And how when we do this, our vibration can be a match to invite less than pleasant circumstances into our lives. It is stepping into this ‘muchness’ that opens the gateway to discover our innate and distinct spiritual gifts and opens our path to be free to be who we are, when we allow this fullness to be seen. It is also the path toward true vibrant health, disintegrating any and all toxic addictions.

Through this dreamy Piscean full moon – allow yourself to float and dream with the cosmic waves of consciousness, nature’s wonder as your muse, how does deeper union feel for you? With self, with your journey, with soul-family, with your soul-lover and with all that is… integrating all aspects of your being from your unique and vast soul-star.

Gus an ath thuras…

Until next time…

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