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Feel Fantastic February

Did you notice a change in your energies around the full moon lunar eclipse? Often times we won't sleep so well during the full moon. We can also feel more irritable, low or that we have an excess amount of energy to burn. It can also highlight our buried subconscious feelings or fears. If you really start to tune into the phases of the moon, you'll likely start to notice that your energies shift and shape in accordance with the lunar calendar. Think about the effect the moon has on tides, the human body is made up of more than 60% water so we can't help but be affected too. Eclipses can even bring about powerful re-sets and fated events in our lives. So now that the January blues are firmly behind us, take this time to assess where you are and where you want to move toward in 2018. Set your intentions on what you wish to release, take some steps toward your goals and watch your life transform as you eb and flow with the tides. The start of February also marks Imbolc the pagan festival held at the very beginnings of spring, the shoots in the earth beneath us start to emerge into the light, bringing hope for a new bounteous cycle in our own lives if we focus our attention on just that.

One of my favourite parts of running my own business and working in Yoga and Wellness is collaborating with other like minded souls and inspirational teachers. This month, I'll be teaming up with personal trainer, Scott McCluskey from FearFit to bring to you additional insights into capitalising on the power of the mind/body connection to improve overall physical and mental health at Feel Good Friday on 23rd February at Fenwick Hotel. You will leave feeling flipping fantastic !

That very same weekend, Varrie and I shall be hosting the next Self Care Sunday, Yoga Day Retreat at the Bowfield Hotel, Howwood. We'll be diving deeper into the 8-limbs of Ashtanga Yoga and exploring how we can apply these age-old teachings in all areas of every day life. We'll also be breaking down the yoga postures to get the basics right as we deconstruct a yoga flow to bring you back into balance. Finishing with a blissful releaxation and access to spa facilities.

Namaste, Heather


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