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Eclipses, Ganesha and The Creative Process

I don’t know if anyone’s noticed too closely, but there have been some pretty big transformations in the last few years. Whether that be on a geo-political scale (which I keep half an eye on trying to avoid mainstream propaganda where-ever possible!) or within your own life: state of mind, career, relationships, living situation or just the whole shebang if you’re me, it's taken me a bit of time to find my flow.

I do pay attention to current astrology as you’ll know if you know me, as all ancient civilisations did 1000s of years ago, before the focus was unnaturally placed through the powers that be, on ourselves as isolated islands disconnected from all that is. They say millionaires don’t follow astrology, but billionaires do. So, it’s good to aim high right?! Although my credit card bill is still catching up… 😊

This summer we have had a series of eclipses which we’re at present 2/3 of the way through. The second of which being extremely powerful, a total lunar eclipse with a blood full moon in the sign of Aquarius with Mars retrograde placed to add even more ‘red’ to the experience. I was a little apprehensive it has to be said, but from Friday evening onward (the evening of the full moon), I began to feel a somewhat lighter energy no doubt assisted by some intense thunder storms that night.

With the total eclipse of our shadowy satellite (the moon representing our subconscious), blood red 'in-your face' messages, realisations and insights began to flood into my life. Mirages in the clouds, dreams and fantasies from the realm of imagination seemed to somehow start integrating with my actual 3D daily life. The moon, symbolising the ‘mother’, origins of the word reflecting menses, month, meniscus, measurement: was veiled, shrouded, hidden, hushed, huddled and ushered out of sight by our brash blue and green sphere planet earth and into the depths of our own inner psyche we plunged where buried silhouettes of figurines flickered and flitted before our minds eye. Somehow, I stumbled upon a greater illumination and awareness of the origins of the habitual patterns in me that weren’t too pretty to look at, that I had squirrelled away. There they were exposed, naked and vulnerable, not to judge or chastise, but to examine, embrace and envelope in love and understanding under this motherly energy. And still, the red glow burned on, the longest eclipse in a century, not that we could see it through the clouds in the South West of Scotland but, the red embers were billowed, burning brighter igniting passion and fire causing our active, outward, masculine, Yang, Martian energy to build but with maternal love and compassion encouraging the right steps through this red moon, comforting through burning realisations and epiphanies of where the past lay.

And through the dark red glow, our own internal flames (our ida and pingala) are set alight with clarity as if the eclipse had the same effect as a candle gazing meditation (trataka) and cleansed, washed clear some internal obstacles. Paving the way, what to walk toward and what to leave behind and where the balance lay. Now, it was clear what subtle barriers I had placed around my heart and soul and in dismantling these barricades, piece by piece it allows us to step into our inner Magi. Not surprising that I’d been drawn to Ganesha, the Hindu Guru of obstacle-removal these past weeks. Ganesha the Guru of wisdom, prosperity and spirituality, is said to remove obstacles from all realms: spiritual to material. Or sometimes he places them there, for those that need checked or for those that need to learn (yeah, thanks Ganesha!) but once we realise that the obstacles are no longer obstacles due to the enhanced growth, awareness and compassion we begin to embody, we can see them as blessings. Om Gan Ganapataye Namaha. After a few days of working to embody this elephant guru, Ganesha, I ended up deleting my instagram and some vlogs, to reduce distractions and energy drains, and maybe to focus on a more productive path ahead.

Unhindered, feeling lighter, our magick works in the direction of natural harmonic flow cycles, the right path becomes bathed in a shimmering pink hue lingering from the red (have you noticed the sunsets recently!). The inner magician in all of us can align in order to strike the balance point, the path of least resistance in order to flow with the changes in material world. We can command the breaks of the waves of change through our inner world, instead of being knocked sideways, splashing and flailing (as I headed on out stand up paddle boarding :-D). Joy, celebration and stability through all realms of existence (Koshas), etherical to material is made manifest through our internal physical elements coming into balance. And this may mean a choice point transpires and you need to discern, in which direction does that shimmering pink hue lie. Our thoughts, words and actions must align for the follow through. As mercury has now moved retrograde, our mental focus and strategy is being magnified to bring our emotional world, the realm that emits the motions into physical reality, and so ensuring we focus on the thoughts and emotions that we do wish to propagate into our world rather than our fears is kinda imperative. The red eclipse may have shown those fears in scary bright scarlet, maybe blood angry words were shed, or maybe it was our embarrassment, but anything unsightly was illuminated to leave behind and to allow us to gain a whole new perspective, in pink :-D. In believing in the reality we wish to create, the belief alone and our balanced energy propels us forward, with very little manpower required, perhaps only some subtle course corrections as we flow alongside our companions and loved ones and alongside all the parts of ourselves, all our alter-egos, when we hush the internal chatter. Similar to achieving headstand or handstand, it’s the balance point that allows us to soar. Then, through our personal will aligned with divine will (which deepens with a regular spiritual practise), fuelled by the feeling of lightness and joy at the zero point of our unending cyclical adventures, growth and learning; we can blossom more completely. As we do so, it feels safe, safe to create, safe to express, safe to play and dance, safe to feel... and love abounds.

It may take a little while to integrate these changes emanating from our inner world, first we become aware of them, we feel them, then we think about them and strategise on how to put the next steps in place, and then the action comes. The creative process can flow. It is there that the story unfolds. Enjoy your story… 😊

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