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Craving Connection? Get out in Gaia and use the 5 elements.

Happy Earth Day !

We all know the score, spending life treading water as we scoot from home to work, to the gym, to the shops, pick up the kids…. And… repeat! Working, consuming, grasping at straws, sometimes it can feel like we’re on the hamster wheel without an emergency exit! Working out becomes a chore or we over-load our adrenal glands becoming addicted to stress at work and stress on our body through high intensity fitness; feeling burnt out and drained becomes part of ‘normal’ daily life. Even valuable catch ups with friends and family can become superficial lacking authentic connection and communication, with our devices ever lighting up with constant notifications of messages, likes, software updates…! Really?! Is there not another way?! I believe and am experiencing, yes, there’s much more of life to experience, and not just at holidays/weekends.

Scientific studies show that we all have an electro-magnetic energy field that surrounds our physical body extending approximately 4 to 5 feet from our skin, (published papers have documented since 1963: Baule and McFee Syracuse University, NY - biomagnetic field projected from the human heart detected). As we practise more yoga, meditation, presence, we become ever-more aware of this field and how it interacts with people, places, situations on a continual basis, providing feedback to our mental, emotional and physical bodies. When we are constantly pulled in all directions at once: work, home, kids, pets, cardio, devices, our energetic body can start to become strained and pick up ‘vibes’ that are not our own as we mingle and go about our day.

We all know how to take care of our physical bodies by eating well and exercising - a challenge on its own sometimes and we’re now encouraged at every turn, to extend the same ‘nurture’ to our mental and emotional wellbeing through mindfulness practises and meditation but how about looking after our energetic field? As we go about our day, especially in modern day busy life, our biomagnetic energy field or ‘aura’ can become heavy, dense, picking up debris and misalignments that cause us to feel weary, low, disconnected and if we are under continual stress, this will impact upon our mental and physical health.

The yogis and all other ancient cultures taught that the five elements of nature, earth, water, fire, air and ether can be used to reinstate this alignment and balance throughout our systems:

· Earth (Prithvi): take a walk barefoot outside, again science shows that electron transfer between our skin and the earth has a positive effect on healing within our human bodies, lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation, pain and harmful oxidation. The earth has a measurable frequency that brings our brain waves into a more relaxed and balanced state aiding mental health. See more information here (http://undergroundhealthreporter.com/earthing-anti-aging/)

· Water (Jala): take a salt bath (hypertonic solutions (high in salt) are potent inhibitors of inflammatory signals); or even better wild-swim outdoors (ditch the wet suit if you can, it will only impede your auric cleanse). Yes, it might be cold but there’s no better way to invigorate body, mind and spirit. If you live in Scotland, get out there and go for a walk in the rain, yep you’ll get a bit wet and muddy but so what, you will surely feel invigorated thereafter.

· Fire (Tejas): it’s trans-formative, intense - take a sauna, create some heat in your body and sweat, this could mean some cardio, go for that run, cycle, power-hike pick up your heart rate and to shake off the lethargy. Get out in the sun if you can, it’s rays will burn off any negative impurities. Light candles, build a bonfire and notice the mesmerising effect on your energy field and how fire draws people together.

· Air (Vayu): preferably fresh! And belly breathe, get rid of all the stagnant air at the bottom of your lungs by exhaling fully and for truly miraculous health benefits, investigate pranayama (yogic breath work). Climb up to the top of a hill, where the air is fresh and clear, expanding your lungs on the way up, you’ll feel lighter as you return back down.

· Space (Akash): When in nature, become aware of the synergistic relationship of all life on our planet and the space between our thoughts. Meditation will also deepen your connection to the Akash. We as humans are part of this biosphere, not robotic one-woman/man islands and connecting with nature is a sure-fire way to allow you to connect more deeply with the truest parts of yourself allowing the fullest expression of your unique spirit to shine through to everyone around you bringing deeper connection through 360 degrees of your life.

I personally use one or more of the elements and interact with Gaia daily to ensure my energy stays clear and expansive. We’re exploring these concepts to experience them for ourselves at the future workshops and retreats in the coming months. Keep connected and up to date @ www.heathergwenbird.com and www.facebook.com/heathergwenbird.

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