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Coming Home

On our retreats, I like to encourage everyone to immerse themselves deeply within the natural world. In the wilds, we overcome distortions of the human condition, we come home. Sometimes to find our way home, we need to travel far from ourselves, far from love...


A man’s fear of love will be reflected through partners and others he attracts into his sphere who wish to ensnare. Who wish to lure and captivate and pin down his essence for their own benefit. And the man who fears love shall feel weakened through these interactions. If the man does not feel like he ‘has made it’ or ‘is worth it’; and is therefore undeserving of the love available – the succubus snakes slither and writhe, delighting in his shame, striking for their sustenance through his shadows and his status sustained eschewing the sacred in subtle, shady side-glances.

The woman who wishes to ensnare does so due to the disconnect from the divine mother, mutant manifestations of mitochondrial matrices, foundational fears, yet the woman shall stumble if she grips on too tightly. A reminder to ground herself back within the womb of the divine mother Gaia whomsoever requires no prop for her fullest understanding that she is in divine orchestration with the symphony of the sun, the planets, the stars, the moon: that guide the rains, the warmth, and the motion required for her fullest fertilisation and flourishing.

Men, we must examine our fear of love. Women, we must become aware of our placement of man before our place in connection with God/source/the universe.

Not to fear love, is to revere, to know you are enough, here, and now. Without any need for a bigger bank balance, for shinier shoes or a more expensive car. Your presence, your countenance, your resonance is enough for the ripples of purity from your heart centre to be felt throughout the cosmos. To heal and to hold, to help and to whole. For divinity to be encountered by those in need of the spark of hope, of peace, of piety you embody. The more you can reside here, rebuking, and rescinding renegade ways. Reverent in devotion to the higher unfolding in faith and unbiased truth. Those that grapple and grip will have no hand holds for their clasping claws, no platform for their plight. Reconnect here, and love shall hold you near.

With all as a reflection in our mirror of the maya...


Stepping toward lighter and brighter vibrations through our daily practice of prayer, peace and protection allows the great spirit with which we are one, to step in and support us. To call us out of drowsy indifference, and alert us to hidden temptations there for us to prey upon, that can seduce our senses if we do not remain aware and in control of ourselves. Great spirit will ring our inner reconnoitre to rouse our reactions in readiness for such encounters. If we are impatient with others not realising the rouse, this is merely a reflection of where our own moment by moment impoverished state seeps in to influence the poise and possession of ourself, harming our innocence and joy and therefore that of our kin. Harbouring hasty judgements allows a defenceless darkness to encumber our salience. Akin the de-mentor, those forces that feast upon our life-blood are felt like needles piercing our protective skin and penetrating our power. The path back to peace, is as our peripheral vision expands, wider vistas come into play instead of the narrow lens. Our hurts are healed, our wounds sopped up and as such our inner mentor returns, ushering us through the bracken and bramble, guiding in gladness through curious contemplation. Harmonious independence, we can entwine with our twining, agile upon our enlightened foot prints on our pathway home.

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