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Image by Bjorn Snelders



Canopy of Stars

There are certain people you meet in life, and, they make you feel alive. They awaken something in you, something that had almost, like, been put to sleep. Like a canopy of stars, they light up dark nights, and give you hope through difficult times when you remember a look they gave you, or an encouraging word they uttered, a playful shove, or snow-ball fight. They bring out your inner kid, and it can’t be helped. It shouldn’t be helped. There should be much more such encounters. We should look for such encounters and follow them to where they lead. Because they connect us with lost parts of ourselves, parts that didn’t feel too safe to show or allow leap out into the light. And sometimes when folk like that light us up and awaken our hearts, there is a powerful communication between the two hearts that give profound advice. Like, wake up! Connect the dots! Can’t you see what I see about what it is you are heading towards, what it is you’re hooked on to, where you come from… with one look: trilogies are imparted, and actually souls are saved. It’s powerful stuff, connection. Even if they don’t make sense. They can save lives. They can awaken. They can be a gift from God, and they can lift us up. #connection #soulmates #telepathy #hearts


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