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Calming the storm

Updated: Jul 15

I received the impetus to write in follow-up to my recent podcast on Sanctuary and how we can create this for ourselves day by day, hopefully assisting the collective create more sanctity, sanity, and peace on earth as we do. Drawn ever more to wisdom sources, internal and external to guide me through recent challenges, I was provided three steps for the process, whilst we transverse any ensuing storm scenarios.

Firstly, when we plant the seed for sanctuary, it may be just a flash of an idea, a whimsical notion, a dreamy stream of consciousness that floats by. As time progresses, the notion may linger long enough for conversations to crop up, or tentative steps forward toward implementing into action. As the action steps progress, we nourish our newly budding seedling, shoots we weren’t expecting can peak out in all manner of directions, with somewhat surprising solutions or sudden swirling storms.

Calming the storm can become all-consuming. Plans can go awry, freaky forces may have gathered, growling. And all that felt safe and secure can appear shaken, and shook. Betrayal, deceit, incredulous ill-intent can be sent, to sway us off course. Due to incongruences in alignment. Jealousy? Greed? Control? Fear? A calamity of cumulonimbus clouds, clanging thunder rumbles echoing such a force of troubled hearts.

Peace is the power, holding space for one another and for skies to clear. Yet this peace is strong with quiet-confidence that the preservation of such sanctuary is what has been gifted in grace and is worth protecting, with perseverance. Proclaiming this, is necessary, for the furies to subside. The furies that seek to disquiet quiet confidence, that crept up in crescendo urged by the demi-urge from the dark depths where mob men and women become chained, engrained with thoughts that there is no pathway out of purgatory. Because they had lost faith.

Yet faith is what we can all hold on to, and if there is more than just one to stand side by side, the sanctuary seeps in to even the deepest darkest recesses of time, to embalm, and soothe and supply our psyches with the relief we all crave.

Peace as our power, in quiet confidence, is what our collective and the pure at heart are worthy of. May we be blessed in our lives, with this gift of grace.

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