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Image by Bjorn Snelders




I’m doing some further reading for an upcoming podcast I’ve been invited to, to talk on the Biophilia effect. The healing bond between humans and nature. One author talks of our immune system acting as our body’s invisible antennae, as we enter the woods. I was thinking of what I rely on most of all to navigate forward when aspects of life are uncertain. For me, it’s felt sense – our body’s ability to determine what direction is life-promoting and what is life-depleting, alongside time in nature which obviously heightens such senses. These are concepts that I have based my personal development course, Saorsa, around. Saorsa speaks to being removed of poor quality conditions, and becoming improved.

Scientists have determined that after time in woodland, the number of natural killer cells in our immune system is higher and they are more active, more alert we might imagine. The level of anti-ca ncer proteins is also heightened. When we enter the woodland, we inhale ‘terpenes’ the gaseous molecules plants use to communicate emitted by mosses, ferns, mushrooms, plant foliage, and some bark. The author notes, woodland air is like a healing elixir we inhale. The terpenes also reduce our stress hormones, which allows our body and mind to recover from our looping fears and any recurring traumatic injuries that can be activated. Leading scientists recommend we remain within woodland areas for two to three days per month, this might be much more than your regular daily walk, and is a concept the fabric of our society should be built around.

The concentration of terpenes within our environment is highest during summer months, perfect time for our next June retreat, that will encompass much time in woodland environs and cover topics such as these. Get in touch if you’d like to hear more.