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All of this chat regarding extra-sensory perceptions seems to be magnifying some messages for me personally and perhaps for some of you too. Today I went for a walk with my dog along the beach and was throwing his ball. Further along the beach I noticed my phone had fallen out of my pocket, erk! Dash-it, I was imagining being out of comms if I couldn’t find it if the tide had come in too far. Thankfully I was able to re-trace my footsteps back along the sand and find it! Phew. It happened to be lying beside a wee jellyfish that had been washed up onto the shore.

Hmmm, my extra-senses began to fizz. ‘Re-trace my footsteps and find my ‘communications’ beside a jellyfish’. How do jelly-fish communicate, I began to wonder. Turns out there’s some pretty interesting phenomena. Some say the jellyfish isn’t very clever because they don’t have brains. They don’t have any ‘master-controller’ but do have some pockets of centralized nerves bundled together. However, off the coast of Norway, scientists have observed some social behaviours with jellyfish which has prompted them to examine ways they might be sensing each other. ‘by carefully tracking jellies’ movements using sonar measurements, Kaartvedt and his colleagues watched as individual jellyfish somehow took note of other jellyfish swimming directly above them, and then abruptly changed their rate of ascent to sync up with their squishy comrades… Sonar data revealed, helmet jellyfish are capable of recognizing potential swim buddies from a distance of two meters. Yet how they do so, says Kaartvedt, is a mystery.’ Touch, taste, and smell are not thought to be likely, but jellyfish do have receptors somewhat like eyes that can distinguish light and dark. In deep waters, 90% of animals produce their own light, the phenomenon of bioluminescence. And so, it is thought that the jellies may be drawn to one another through such bioluminescence, for reproduction or maybe just to hang out. :D

It made me think about how we recognise our soul clan as we move through life, there is sometimes a different kind of light that exudes from those that we are drawn to. Researchers in Japan have shown that humans do emit light, it’s just not visible to most of us but can be picked up by ultra-sensitive cameras. Of course, this makes me think of our chakra system, our light-body or ‘rainbow’-body that yogis and other mystical teachings speak of.

Later the same day, I delivered a Shinrin-Yoku and Qi Gong session in the woodland for some lovely people, we had some deep discussions on recent global events and came to find we were of a like-mind. As I returned home, I felt lighter, freer, and more at peace, sensing internally how the practices and time in the woods with uplifting discussions had shifted my frequency higher.

My next messenger was a Queen Bee, rather a giant one that was sitting on my windowsill back at the house. The Queen Bee totem represents leading by intuitive truth, but not being governed by it. Female energy rules the intuitive realm, the emotions, the heart, creativity, and the shadow. In periods of indecisiveness or emotional turbulence, a Queen bee can show up to awaken the intuitive strength that we can lean on for direction. With intuition as our support, we can gain confidence, regain a sense of being emotionally grounded, and make swift and firm decisions. The Queen bee also represents the highest truth.

Totems speak to me every day with rich meaning and magic, who are the messenger guides showing up for you?

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