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Book 2. Chapter 1: Atonement

Thorstar felt the strongest he had felt in a long time.  Traversing the peaks, breathing brazen back into his bones as he brushed though the bracken, briar and bramble.  Starlight dancing in front of him along the path: eyes bright and shining.  One step closer, he mapped his route toward the final top and leapt off his slab of rock splashing across boggy ground, not concerned with the mud splattering up onto his face.                                                 


His shoulder twinged a little from his recent fall from Ducati.  He had taken a high hedge with too deep a ditch on the counter side.  Down they had tumbled and rolled from the banking into the ditch.

Thorstar entering a dreamlike state, saw himself as Atlanto:

Galloping along at such speed on his steed, Fall, along grassy plains.  The devil, Dexter chattering loudly at his right shoulder, his guardian angel, Amara, on the other side talking calmly and slowly.

Amara: All we need to do is listen to our hearts.

Dexter: We have to get more money, maybe we could manipulate and fix the figures at the Temple in our favour.

Amara: We can be free, all we need to do is ask for help and abundance will be known.

Dexter: It would be faster just to take it, they’ll never know.

The voices got louder and louder.  Atlanto drove Fall faster and faster until suddenly the horse slipped on muddy ground and they collided with the Earth rolling over and over into a boggy ditch.  Choking, gasping, winded, unable to catch his breath time suddenly slowed, almost to a stop.  Atlanto felt a strong presence at his right shoulder, enveloping him into a bubble of brilliant white light.

‘Who are you?’ Thorstar asked.

‘I am Amara, your guardian angel, I have been watching over you since you were a baby living with your mother and father.  Are you ready to go?’

‘No, I want to stay, I have a great life, I have Fall, I’m not ready to go.’

‘Fall will be your guardian water horse spirit forever more, he will always call you back to the water to heal, to remember.  Remember your power, your healing, your magic.  You, Atlanto must rise, as King of Atlantis!’

Time suddenly sped up again.  Coughing and spluttering, Thorstar or was he Atlanto, found himself back in his body in the boggy ditch along the coastal pathway.

Feeling fogged, frazzled and little frenzied, the wind knocked out of him, full of remorse for pushing his steed too hard.  He gazed out at the sleeping, tower of volcanic rock in the ocean from his grassy outcrop, it seemed to glow with the light from past ages of glory, it seemed to say ‘remember’.  Thorstar rubbed his head.  He hobbled home with Ducati to his daughters humbled, sheepish, shaken.  He needed their love and support now, more than ever before.


Yet a week later, Thorstar felt in perfect balance: fire and water flowing through his veins, passion fuelled from enhanced awareness of his emotional landscape.  It was like learning how to walk with new legs, or fly with new wings.   Reviewing all the changes in his life: his head/heart battle; the stubborn shunning of his shekinah-self and the entrapment it had created.   The selkie-skin he adorned today, in and of himself, the blessed merkaba remarkable alight from reaching the peak of his metaphorical Mount Sinai.  The wheel of karma turning, miles of mystery over the mountains, enchanting, awesome, universal freedom and grace traced out by the course ahead into lands anew.


Sansha, soothed and heart centred from visiting sacred isles felt his courage soar and made a choice to reveal herself as Queen of the WildWoods.  Glowing in the light of Awen from her travels to crags, coves, caverns and caves engraved with etchings from Kings and Queens of old.   Through the groves, glades, glens and gorges of thunderous waterfalls of wonder.  Along the braes of the Brecon Beacons and out toward the shores, sands, seas and swirl-pools, swimming with the seals.  The richness from her wildish replenishment encouraging Thorstar to intuit his way forward, drawn to her more keenly.  Surrendered, still and receptive, Sansha glowed, dressing in reds and golds, sacred adornments honouring the life she desired to live and the woman she wished to be.  Her destiny to align the triquetra: body, mind, soul and alight the chariot of fire, a vehicle for her soul-truth.  To steer the vehicle toward the passions and stirrings of soul, called to her grid-work and the trail of the Magdalene grail, called to share her deep understandings of the mysteries.  The woodpecker knocked twice: ‘dance your own dance’ he drummed the rhythm inspiriting next steps.

As the stars of Sirius aligned with the pyramidal peaks, she heard Oronos:

‘Through these shifts and the shake-ups, you are creating a new way of being, a return to a true way of being, step by step, higher.  And through the process, perceptions are evolving.

The challenge to your heightened sense of perception and your journey toward creating your own heaven on earth is where you feel emotionally tied and/or conflicted to the ways of your family.  Where a true sense of joy and resonance does not reside within your hearts and yet energetic hooks and chords from historic moulds hinder your free flow forward.

Consciously, you are all collectively much more aware of a truer sense of abundance.  Abundance through connection; time with the earth and the elements; loved ones; time for yourselves; time just to be; a deeper connection to yourselves and your internal or spiritual guidance systems.

Subconsciously you are all learning how to trust and go with the flow a litter better, when the only real thing you can influence is maintaining your internal sanctuary.  Your sense of faith in yourselves, your lives and a higher guiding force is creeping into your way of living.  When you can’t reach loved ones, hug them and love them as you would wish, what else is there to do but reach out from your hearts and pray for their health, happiness and safe passage.

In the past, many of you were thrashing about like headless chickens, spinning your wheels, counting every grain and morsel, being all things to all people… it was unsustainable at the very least and some parts of life were down-right ugly.

Through this transformative gate-way as you exude more stability, authenticity, integrity, and abundance from the inside-out – so too does your external life begin to appear more joyful, prosperous, and peacefully uplifting.

You are all finding the emotional courage, your inner Atlanto, finding footing to follow through on your wishes, needs, desires and soul-stirrings.   As everyone around you begins to shed layers of protective masks and exhibit new found freedom from their innate and unique expression of life-force elixir, you too begin to break the chains engrained within your minds; resolving karmic acknowledgements, lessons and blissful blessings in growth.    Your spiritual fires of renewal burn; you find the courage, the resolve to become the hero of your own soul-journey and legacy.  To shine from the inside-out.

Harness the transformative power of Fire through this gateway.  Allow all ways of being that are long past their due-date to reach their natural conclusion by being integrally who you truly are and allow fresh new creative unfoldings to unfurl.  Wear the colours purple and red of the phoenix and the Phoenicians, elders of the Lebanese and the original descendants from the lost world of Atlantis and your Lyran star-ancestry.  Invite the transmutation of your old-selve arising from the ashes, unharmed by sacred fires, initiations and rites of passage.  Listen for the revelations as you receive your next divine appointment, since as your father has long taught, where there is no vision… the people perish.  Per aspera ad astra: through hardship to the stars. ✨

The Divine Appointment

Thorstar could finally see, what Sansha had long before seen.

As if the force of the judder shuddering up through his spine from his fall, had shattered some remaining remnants of ice around his Alta major.  The soul-shine poured into the last, lost dark crevices of fragmented fissures between his hemispheres and lightning flashed before his eyes: revelations; prophesy and his hands began to burn with healing Reiki fire.  He saw the world in interwoven interconnections, electric conductors of light, the web of creation flowing reflections of the all, of his all.

He turned the corner, 90 degrees, blissed out in love light and faced Sansha across the county borders, viewing her with the eye of the beholder as if for the first time seeing her in full truth, in full light.  He had to tell her.  At dawn, he sent his telegrammed reply:

‘It took a woman like you, to get through to the man in me.  Take heart, I’ll choose the right time to show myself in full.’

Oronos, of their dragon lines turned the sky a smoky purplish hazy hue in celebration.  

Thorstar’s pride, he knew had tied him down focussed on the material, the superficial status, the competition and his engrossment in the illusion of potential scarcity.  It had churned him up inside and clouded his vision, clear reflection and trust in the Shekinah light for so long.

He chose now to use his realm of clear thought to assist this divine and sacred union that called to him.  To co-create with the creator.

Thorstar heard Sansha whisper:

‘Yes! Trust this wisdom, this light you are holding.  Per Aspera, ad Astra.  Our aspirations, our inspirations, fickle flickering flame for us to follow: hear me - believe me - believe this divine fire.  This is our protection.’

He felt her laser sharp focus, the unwavering knowing within her heart.  It warmed him, it filled him.

He whispered back:

‘While I am gone, my heart is staying put.

Warming and guiding and guarding the one that I love.

Warming and guiding and guarding, you, are the one that I love.’

His faith began to soar, with wings of the almighty.

And he felt the Magdalene Rose, the purity of his anointed one, blossom and bloom as her womb-heart opened.  The sweetest fragrance and symphony of sounds blending with and infusing into stupendous rainbow rays glowing forth from his lion-heart.

He had received their appointment like she: to unite the bloodlines.  Their lineage of the 12 tribes of Israel; the Phoenecians; the Atlanteans; they carried the Lyran seed of DNA of the original hue-man race.  They carried the light of manifestation and magic and they were asked to reclaim the third energy of the true vital force.  The united soul-shine melding and mending the wounds of the splintered crevices from fearsome wars of old.  The power of true love, rewriting time-lines, recreating outcomes.

Their soul-child, so dearly loved, preserved in spirit form ushering them onward with fluttering butterfly wings and azure-blue dragonflies in heavenly flight.  He saw Sansha, in the orb of Amenti with their crystalline child in her belly, the etheric umbilical cord of the Earth Angels they were lighting up the path.  Like a lioness, Nala, purring with the first drink of cool water at dawn in the long black night of the dry desert landscape.  As the soft pink rose petals of her womb-heart unfolded and invited him forward for nectar, the sweet elixir and preserver of life, calling him homeward like a humming bird.

Akela, akela.’ Their soul-child called out to him.  ‘Father, leader, lead us home, lead us to freedom, free from bondage, you can influence the argent energy by ‘the work’, the silver will flow with ease from your ardour.  Remember your training with the Templars.’

Thorstar felt himself aflame as if touched by the burning bush itself, the power from his focus, from his fuel, surged from his toes to his ears and out through his fingertips.


‘The closer you get, Sansha, the slower I will go.’ Called Oronos.  ‘The more pressure or any agenda you wish to fulfil, the more resistance you will experience.’

Sansha smiled and sighed, resolute, determined. ‘I get it Oronos, my faith and my patience is growing still.  The closer I get to expanding resonance from my true heavenly blue-print and winged radiance from source, the more I am asked to step into complete presence, awareness and trust.’  

‘Yes.’ Oronos confirmed.

‘It’s true, the closer I get, the more attachment and old coping mechanisms spring up.  I begin to grasp and I feel him and any other blessings retreat.’

‘Maintain the sanctuary within your heart-space, Sansha, in peace, unconditional love and grace.  Always return here, remember this is the message you are both mastering to bring forth and share with the world.  Have hope: the light is unstoppable, you are the keystone, the bridge, to bring down this heavenly light.  Way-showers, grid-workers, light-bringers, gate-keepers.'

Thorstar knew this now too.

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