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As Within So Without

Updated: May 15, 2019

As Within, So Without

So the ancient saying goes, it’s said to be a universal law. So in theory if our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual or energetic worlds are in harmony within ourselves, then in our external world, we are able to sail upon smoother seas. And yet, more often than not, the world we find ourselves in is conducive to anything but harmony through all layers of our being, at least, not all at once. Discordant family dynamics, work stressors, money pressures, farcical political rhetoric, health scares or environmental decline or everything all at once submerge us all through the underworld (in my case, hiding under the duvet) at one point of life or another. I’ve been curious to consider how much of how we see, hear, feel and experience the world is due to the upbringing we have had and our ancestral templating.

The media coverage of Parental Alienation this week felt like a breath of fresh air and lucidity, it was refreshing to see society at large take a step towards understanding the crucial impact on childhood years of disharmonious co-parenting dynamics irrespective of relationship foibles on either side. As you know if you’ve read my previous blog-posts, I like to delve a little deeper.

As Above, So Below.

Another so-called universal law. This year, astrologically, Saturn (Lord of Karma, the planet of structure, conformity, social order), Pluto (the planet of creative transformation, the underworld and of deep truths being revealed) and the South Node of the Moon (the gifts and the wisdom gained through challenges overcome from our younger years or past lives if your consciousness allows that consideration, what we know, what we feel safe with, what can be out-dated) are all coming into close alignment, essentially having a big rammy (!) as we approach 2020. Soo… it’s maybe not all that surprising that the intensity is heating up down here on planet Earth, things are certainly being shaken up across all systems and more than likely our daily lives. But for the better, in my humble opinion. Essentially, it’s clearing out the old to make way for the new and so you may feel like you wish to do the same with your own internal and external worlds.

Moving back to our ancestry, in my previous blogs (Wise Women and The Most Powerful Force of All), I explained some of my take on how our maternal lineage and our family’s attitude towards money skew our reality, and I wanted to explore with you further, in case it may support any intensity brewing within or around you. So much hidden pain and disharmony can be inherited through our family trees and half the time we might not even be aware of it. Only two generations ago were we mid-way between two world wars and the trauma inflicted down our blood-lines is still very much being felt, not to mention the racial prejudices, sexual inequality and corrupt systems of generations before us. No wonder we sometimes feel a little confused and don’t know who to trust. My own Dad was born right at the start of World War II, if you consider collective consciousness and the atmosphere at the time, it’s no surprise he’s spent his whole life since, striving to make more bang for his buck certainly influenced by a competitive and ‘not-enough’ paradigm.

I’ve been lucky to have some avid family tree researchers in my family and so we know quite a bit of the stories: My Great-Grandpa surviving his ship being sunk three times; my Great-Gran being admitted to a mental hospital never to see her 7-year old daughter again; my Grandpa losing two siblings with high infant mortality rates and my Granny being shot at while she hung out the washing by a German war-plane as they flew back from bombing Clyde-side. These are only a few of many stories I’m sure, and as epi-genetics shows us, our own DNA and therefore the emotional, mental and physical responses our bodies elicit are affected by the experiences of our fore-bearers. It can mean inherited imbalances affecting our health, mental well-being and lacking feelings of connection for a plethora of reasons. That's not to mention any childhood trauma we may have faced be it any form of abuse (parental alienation included), alcoholism or other addictions within the family or even innocuous surgeries or accidents where we were separated from our caregivers. But what can we do to repair this trauma stored within? Here are some methods I have worked through:


Sometimes it can feel like you’re a bit of a black sheep and it can be hard to conform to the way things are done within your family or perhaps you can be extra-sensitive to the usual family banter and no one understands why you take things so personally. Understanding our own triggers within family dynamics and other relationships and situations is key. Realise everyone comes from their own perspectives and raise the bar higher, sometimes it’s worth expressing our truth, sometimes it’s necessary to keep our distance. Notice the patterns that continue to cycle in your own life, and make different choices as hard as they can be, to switch dynamics for the better.


Having a confidential, impartial ‘mirror’ available alongside tried and tested coaching techniques has been pivotal for me in realising where I kept myself small, stuck and unfulfilled for many years and assisting my own awareness.

Meditation and Clearing

Meditation in general, can’t be applauded enough by me and also by science. It regenerates brain matter, it improves memory and brings much needed relief to today’s ever too common stressful and anxious states. Powerful visualisation and clearing techniques that assist family dynamics include Ho’oponopono and the Violet Flame (there are a bunch on YouTube); if practised daily for a week or two, begin to notice things shifting in the external world, remember we are energetic beings and our brainwaves (but more-so our heart-waves ;-)) have wider reaching affects. Do whatever you need to, to clear your energy, be it exercise, time in nature, a massage, etc, etc, but fill up your own cup, and you’ll better serve all those around you. Of course I also recommend Yoga and Qi Gong.

Connect Within

Where in your life do you feel you could ‘Up Your Game’ and break-out of inherited patterns and ways of doing things. In meditation, ask for guidance, journal, pray and just be alert and notice what presents maybe at the time or maybe a time later. Sometimes the answers we receive are challenging to the status quo... but hey, that’s what the astrology of the time is all about, remaining heart-centred and true is our greatest strength.

The best part about working on ourselves to be our best and most authentic self, is the ripple affect it creates throughout our own families, communities and the world at large; restoration toward a harmony it so desperately needs.



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