• Heather


A little spirit-science to delve into from my research, meditations and experiences 😊.

As we get into the habit of speaking, being, living in our truth (it’s hard! I know, we’ve been programmed to push it down, get to work, have a drink, suppress how we feel, please others, etc, etc)… BUT as we take up this practice, the truth frequency magnetises abundance, the seed of truth starts to sprout. The white space, the cloud frequency, the biofield that surrounds our physical bodies, linking with everyone in our vicinity and wider within our earth, galaxy, universe is influenced: the net of light, the book of Thoth, of Truth, of Thought – the realm of thought, the Akash is updated, reprogrammed, rewritten and imprinted with new energetic spheres of reality. The membrane, the veil of illusion responds to what we feel, what we believe to be true and the oscillating energetic waves produce the picture frames of our reality.

Back to the body. When we drop into the space to ‘feel love’ the oxytocin receptors on our vagus nerve fire up, our heart-brain coherence is optimized - when we’re not in fight/flight/freeze (like the bouncing pebble-toad fleeing it’s spidery predators – worth a google :-D). Our brain waves are in theta mode; synchronised with any others surrounding us, sharing the experience. And if they’re not – maybe we can influence their process if we’re sufficiently rooted, through our mirror-neurons doing their thing. Maybe, when we drop more and more into this space, oxytocin can flood through the entire body improving our vagal tone, the vagus nerve innervating all our organs. We’re not just resting and digesting; we’re restoring and re-setting our whole system with improved organ functionality regenerating our cells, systems, vibes. In this place where our innate healing capabilities are switched on; our mitochondrial DNA is also working efficiently. Our cells are not experiencing oxidative stress and so there are no mutational influences impacting on our DNA replication as cells divide and renew. The environment our cells are subjected to is a whole lot more pleasant and resultantly, gene expression (which genes are switched on or off) is positively influenced. Oxidative stress caused by: ionizing radiation (put your phone down and switch off your Wi-Fi after this 😊); chronic stress; plastics; pesticides; disrupted circadian rhythms and chronic infection can cause to our cells to become trapped in a ‘pseudo-differentiated’ state. They don’t know who they are ! (sounds a bit like the early stages on the yoga path… :-D) causing proliferation at the expense of differentiation, tumours can form or other chronic physical and mental dis-ease. The good news – regular physical exercise, a balanced diet, stress-combative measures and LOVE (you don’t need to be with a hot guy or girl this Valentine’s to feel the love 😊) reinstates the necessary balance; reducing inflammatory processes and bringing about life-enhancing epigenetic changes.

From my meditations: treat disease with an aerodynamic force field to disperse the blockage caused by methane clouds. (Methylation being the cornerstone regulator of gene expression). Interestingly, Saturn’s moon Titan, has clouds of methane – said to be the effluvia of life. Clearing, cleansing, renewal of mind, body, spirit is a necessary process to maintain optimal health.

Back to the biofield: if we can synchronise our energies with that of our natural surroundings (hard when storm Dennis is being a pure menace !), free radicals and circulating ions are drawn downwards (imagine the space below your belly button deep within your core – your lower dantien – connecting with the earth’s magnetic core) and essentially, our energetic vibration can lift. Ill health can’t influence us when we are in these ‘elevated’ states of being. In my meditations, I connect to and build energy and light in the lower dantien and imagine this emanating outward; evaporating shadows, clouds, effluvia from my field. As the light builds, I bring my awareness to the outer edges of my physical body allowing the cloud frequency, the light body to expand, becoming tingly, sparkly… fully alive.✨


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