• Heather

A Tale of Two

Chapter 1

Part 1:

There was a woman, once a spark conceived from an outpouring of love. Graced with good fortune from benevolent protection, compassionate forces and doting ancestors. These very facet’s of expression ran through her veins, pulsating, they could not be contained in her vessels and spilled over into the web of expansive connectivity, replenishing any and all parched lands and hearts on her course. For a period, the flames were subdued by societal norms and collective misguidance. But, an awakening force of spirit bestowed upon them from above like a storm in the desert awoke dormant flickers and purified channels of intuitive perception helping to blaze her trail and guide others to safe harbour. The strength of a dragon alongside fountains of compassion; a steady tenacity in planning, visioning and foreseeing her path of righteousness and illuminated new, abundant beginnings. She took heed each day, staying close to higher wisdom and guidance, moving closer with sheer strength of will and clear focus navigating choppy waters toward smooth seas. In this careful processing and planning step by step with fire fuelling fool-hardy spirits, in her own knowing, she trusted. She knew, she knew, she knew, the truth, her truth, her light, her passion. Creating strong and stable foundations for herself and her loved ones. She held the torch and led the way through the dark rocks, and caves, and caverns and crevasses. For others, for the other, for the significant other, as she moved forward, she awaited the results of passion, of creativity, of emotional joy, of self knowledge that would come together wholly, purified hearts brought into communion by forces of light. She implicitly trusted these surrounding, guiding beams leading her toward the infinite and certain success and growth of entwined roots in the physical domain. Creation, fuelled by breathing in solar winds, through porous skin... to skin, unveiling hidden passions. Standing tall for what feels right, tiger spirit, weaving with the web of life, to inspire, to enlighten, to lighten loads, to illuminate, the not so beaten path to love.

Part 2:

There once was a man, a King! A passionate King. And he had a flame, he had a wand of light. This light he remembered it shone, it did not burn, and it renewed him, his body and his mind. Rejuvenating, replenishing, reviving his clarity. Clear in his mind, he paused to await his bounty, directing decisively his clansmen surrounding him, who looked to him to lead. He had too long felt stuck and constrained, blinded and cornered. Now he saw the tree lined route up ahead and celebrated his rouse, keeping close to the passions of his heart. Too long he had been trapped on his mountain top, pained by his truth, pained by his mind. There were so many choices being offered, roads leading out from his turreted castle, it still confounded him so, he felt naked sometimes, uneasy and unsure. And yet, in his heart he knew, he knew he was whole and he knew his love. This hunger and emotional wisdom drew him forward to set sail, to believe, to succeed, to lead others with his strength, with his muscles, with his resolve, with his heart. Toward riches, fulfilment and heroic feats. Her mirage through the trees, an invisible presence stirring his will, his fire and his darkest fears. He changed focus to his own inner compass, his own wise counsel to navvy and direct his flow. He compassionately heard the plight of those surrounding him, calling to him for his guidance, for his light. He listened and quietly held them with his deep soulful eyes. Filling up their hearts and his. They raised him and helped him find his rhythm, his power, his dance. And thus, he joyfully led and stepped into his Kingship... he was a tiger after-all.


To be continued.....

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