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A Bright Future, Today...

Experiences we move through in life, such as pressurized working environments or somewhat destructive personalities that have exerted control in our lives through fear, can challenge our emotional balance and self-esteem. Even after we have left behind disharmonious associations or draining work roles, fears can linger on. Fears that time is running out, fears of what’s around the corner, fears about leaving others behind, and fears for our planet. Fears fueled by headlines, media moguls and establishments of power, need a gentle approach to move beyond.

Bringing our focus back to our family, our humanity, simplicity, contentment within our own circles of influence, treading gently upon the earth is where we can find warmth within again. Reassurance in encounters that echo our own core wants and needs for our lives. Connected and calm. In envisioning brighter futures, we can take one small step into stepping up our social conscious a notch as we aim to ‘leave it better than we found it’, whether that be people, places or organizations. Perhaps we can indeed encourage the continuation of our species if that’s the message we magnify through our children/grandchildren. As we embrace every day and open ourselves to the people we meet or the animals we greet and they open in response we can be here, in a bright future, today.

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