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We are living through colossal global shifts.  Events in recent years have left many feeling off balance, distressed and unsure of their life-plan when so much feels 'off'.  My 6-step body, mind, spirit map has been designed and channelled based on my own transformational pathway to help you feel healthier, more confident in your own integrity and authenticity and aligned following our sessions that holistically combine body, mind, bio-energetics and cosmic awareness.  The sessions crucially deepen your connection and trust in your own intuitive abilities: intuition is the intelligence of the heart.

Book an initial intuitive session today or visit to work through the 6 steps in your own time.

Sessions include:
🔆 Movement: Yoga, Qi Gong & Woodland/nature immersion
🔆 Meditation coaching: learn techniques that deepen your meditative practice leading you to connect wholly with your path and purpose
🔆 Breath: Pranayama practices tailored specifically for you and your health 
🔆 Psychology: applied tools to help you find balance, re-program to remove any hindering beliefs and activate and apply your life force energy in a positive direction

🔆 Energy/Spirituality: Reconnect and align with your own spiritual sovereignty and light body for magic to unfold in your day to day life and to find deeper connection with your own personal purpose and abilities to channel wisdom for our collective shifts.

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